Candice Swanepoel & Lily Aldridge on Valentine’s Day Plans, the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special and More

Can’t stop, won’t stop! The Victoria’s Secret Angels have been pretty darn busy these past few months, staging their first runway show in London and then filming their swimsuit special soon after. Right now, we’re smack-dab in the middle of Valentine’s Day season (in case you couldn’t tell by the pink and red candy displays taking over just about every drugstore) and naturally, Victoria’s Secret is doing a bit of promotion around the holiday. After all, sexy lingerie is a Valentine’s Day essential.

Yesterday, Angels Lily Aldridge and Candice Swanepoel were on hand for an early Valentine’s Day celebration, where they chatted with the press, each clad in pretty pink frocks — Lily opting for a curve-hugging Roland Mouret dress and Candice going the ladylike route in an Antonio Berardi dress with a full skirt and pockets.


We caught up with both Angels to get the tea on what they’re doing for Valentine’s Day and what we can expect from Victoria’s Secret’s upcoming swimsuit special, airing February 26 on CBS.


theFashionSpot: Valentine’s Day is coming up. What are your plans?

Candice Swanepoel: I have no plans yet. My schedule is terrible. I don’t do anything super extravagant on Valentine’s Day, usually. If I’m away from my boyfriend, I’ll just hang out with the girls, see a movie, drink wine.

Lily Aldridge: I think my husband is going to cook me a meal Valentine’s Day night, which is my favorite kind of date. I like being home and cozy.


tFS: What kind of things does he cook?

LA: He does an amazing steak, and we usually get a nice bottle of red wine to go with it.


tFS: What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever gotten?

LA: A card my daughter made for me last year — a little heart card.

CS: I love to get flowers. I love to fill my house with flowers. That, and a personalized note or an email saying how much you love me.


tFS: You just returned from filming the VS swimsuit special in Puerto Rico. Tell us a little about that experience.

LA: We had so much fun, it was the first time VS has ever done a swim special, which is going to come out February 26. We had so much fun, we did this amazing Top Gun scene where we emulated the scene when they’re all on the volleyball court, so I can’t wait for people to see it. [The special] gives a glimpse into our lives and behind the scenes of the swim shoot.

tFS: Did Joan [Smalls] show you around?

LA: Joan showed Behati [Prinsloo] around. She kind of took her around Puerto Rico, and having Joan there was amazing, her spiciness and those Latina roots. It was so fun! She was teaching me how to do the dances and she made me feel a little bit of that spice myself!

tFS: Did she teach you how to bachata?

LA: She did! She’s still trying! It’s hard, but she said I ws doing good!

tFS: Besides dancing, what was one of your favorite moments in Puerto Rico?

LA: We had so many! One amazing moment was when Maroon 5 performed, and it was just the Angels and Maroon 5 on the beach doing an acoustic version of “Animals.” It was so beautiful to see Behati and her husband there — just a beautiful moment with the two of them there and the bonfire and all of us being together.

CS: It was so nice to spend so much time with the girls. We see each other, but here and there.

tFS: You went from doing the show in London and then having to do this one soon after. How was getting filmed for another big show after the holidays like?

LA: It was good! I was tan, I got to be warm, it was fun. The swim shoots are so different and it’s not a live audience like the VS Fashion Show, where people are there and taking your picture. This one is a little more relaxed, like swimsuit trips are, it’s not like the crazy ones we do for the show.

tFS: What was the best thing you ate in Puerto Rico?

CS: I’m a big fan of rice and beans. I have a bit of Brazilian culture in me and they eat that there, too. I also love tostones. Ah, yes! They’re delicious. I just love the traditional meals they have — you’re making me hungry!

tFS: Lastly, do you have any tips for singles on Valentine’s Day?

CS: Don’t look for a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day!


Candice Swanepoel & Lily Aldridge: 5 Rules to Score a Date with a Victoria’s Secret Angel

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are some of the most desired women in the world: perfectly-toned bodies, million dollar smiles, and legs for days. That’s why their annual fashion show makes international headlines. That’s why everyone woman wants to know their workout regime. And that’s why celebrities like Adam Levine and Ed Westwick date them (Levine actually married Angel Behati Prinsloo in 2014). So how does a regular guy get in on the game?


Just in time for Valentines Day, Yahoo Style caught up with Angels Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge at Manhattan’s Victoria’s Secret flagship store, where the two offered advice on the best gifts for for Valentine’s Day. Though, we were more interested in how to score a date with an Angel.


While Swanepoel claims that she’s a “low-key gal who’s really easy to please,” Aldridge has some strict rules like “no pick up lines, EVER.” The two offer some helpful tips for the ordinary guy who can muster the courage to ask out an Angel.


Rule One: Be yourself.
Candice Swanepoel: “It’s funny how every guy is so shy—they would never try to ask an Angel out on a date. Just go for it! Just be compassionate, and a gentleman.
Lily Aldridge: “Be funny. You can always win a girl over by making her laugh.”


Rule Two: Don’t try to show off.
CS: “Be sincere, not like ‘oh I have this, I do this…’ for me, it’s something more personal like a home-cooked meal, or somewhere with a great vibe.”


What about a really fancy, over-the-top dinner at the most expensive place in town?
LA: “DON’T.”


Rule Three: Take them to the 50 Shades of Grey premiere.
This rule was a resounding YES from both ladies.


Rule Four: No cheesy gifts.
CS: “Flowers are always a yes.”
LA: “Heart locket pendants are an absolute NO.”


Rule Five: All Angels love lingerie.
CS: “Lingerie is ALWAYS GOOD”
LA: “YES- Victoria’s Secret, of course!”


Now that we’ve been properly briefed on Angel, dating etiquette, who’s most likely to accept my date?
CS: “Elsa [Hosk] is single!”
LA: “Candice would love to go on a date with you!”
CS: “I’m gonna kill you, Lily!!”


Candice Swanepoel on Preparing for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Being a Victoria’s Secret model is a lot of work, but the girls are especially busy this time of year as the lingerie giant prepares for its annual televised fashion show, which will be staged in London this December. Yesterday, Victoria’s Secret revealed the pièces de résistance for this year’s affair: two bejeweled fantasy bras which Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio will wear on the runway. Needless to say, VS season is in full swing and the models are dutifully promoting the retailer — especially now that the holidays are coming up.

This morning, Candice Swanepoel, last year’s Fantasy Bra model, was on hand at the Victoria’s Secret Herald Square store to promote the retailer’s holiday collection. Sparkly, lacy, frilly bras and panties in hues of red, lavender and black were on display as Candice, looking very sexy and chic in a high-slit asymmetrical skirt and black turtleneck, stopped by to chat with the press. The leggy South African beauty towered over us in her Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps, so we stood on our tiptoes and dished with her on everything from her pre-VS fashion show diet to regifting.

theFashionSpot: This is Victoria’s Secret’s first time showing in London. What are you most excited for?
Candice Swanepoel: I’m most excited for a totally different crowd. It’s been amazing here in New York, but I think the British people are going to freak out because it’s such an extravaganza. I feel like in America, we’ve gotten used to the luxury of VS, so for [the Brits] it’s going to be really exciting. I’m also looking forward to seeing different faces at the show. Plus, it’s always nice for us [models] to travel. The past few years, we’ve been here in New York, running around like crazy. It’s going to be nice — we’re all going to get on a plane together.

tFS: We’re sure there are a lot of guys who would love to be on that plane!
CS: We’re all going to be like [miming putting on a sleep mask], “Don’t talk to me!”

tFS: Hah! Are you going to indulge in any English treats once the show is over?
CS: I grew up on English treats because South Africa has such a big English influence, so I do love a full English breakfast. Eggs, bacon, the whole thing, which actually, I don’t cut out during the show because breakfast is just…you can eat whatever! There’s also shepherd’s pie. English food is all about homey, yummy potatoes and mash, so I’m definitely going to be indulging in that.

tFS: What’s the hardest workout you do to prepare for the show?
CS: The hardest is boxing, but I really enjoy it because it allows me to get a lot out. But the slow, resistance training that I do mostly is what really kills me. People think because it’s slow it doesn’t hurt, but [laughing] it’s that slow burn that gets me!

tFS: How does your diet change in preparation for the show?
CS: I eat really healthily in general. I just feel better that way, but I’ll eat more protein to try and build more muscle because I like strong legs and a bum on the runway. Usually, I don’t think too much about what I eat, other than if it’s fresh or healthy, but in the next five weeks, I’ll be thinking of mixing in veggies and protein with my meal. Maybe even a green juice, so I can feel like I’m doing good to my body.

tFS: The holidays are coming up — what’s the worst Christmas gift you’ve gotten?

CS: Thank God…when I was a kid, I usually got the things I wished for. But I think I got a weird box of biscuits from an aunt or something one year. I was like, “Umm, thanks? My mom could have bought me those!”

tFS: Do you ever regift?

CS: All the time. I’m guilty! It’s actually so nice to be able to do that for my mom and aunts and friends. I get so many beautiful things, but sometimes it’s not really my style, so it’s good to regift. If you haven’t worn it or opened it, it’s fine. Or at least I tell myself that!

tFS: Do you prefer a warm Christmas or cold Christmas?
CS: I’ve never had a cold Christmas, so I couldn’t really tell you, but I’m a summer baby. This kind of weather freaks me out. This weekend I had off, and everyone was like, “Come out! Come out!” and I was like, “Umm…no. I will be at home processing that the weather is not good anymore.” One day I’m gonna live somewhere where it’s summer all the time!


Candice Swanepoel Maxim Hot 100 Interview on Entertainment Tonight

Bazaar Meets Candice Swanepoel


When Cameron Saul and Oliver Wayman, founders of Bottletop, were looking for a face to front their new collaboration with Narciso Rodriguez, never in their “wildest dreams” did they imagine that they’d find someone with which they had so much in common as Candice Swanepoel. Working with the blue-eyed blonde-haired model, best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, is “a match made in heaven,” explained the boys when we met the trio in a Harrods restaurant.

The Bottletop Foundation was launched in 2002 to raise funds and awareness for education projects based in Africa and South America, and was followed by the Bottletop Fashion Company a decade later – which creates handbags made from recycled bottletops and aluminium ring pulls

“I had been looking for a charity to work with for a little while, but there was nothing that really spoke to me – if I do something, I really want to be involved and feel passionate about it,” Swanepoel told us. “And my agent heard about Ollie and Cam, she told me about what they do and the fact that they’re based between Brazil and Africa, two places that I really care about. Then I met them, was inspired by their energy and their drive to make it work.”

The model fronts their latest trio of spring/summer 14 handbags, designed by Narciso Rodriguez – one of which was named in her honour. But, as Saul and Wayman soon discovered, Swanepoel isn’t your average spokesmodel.

“I like to see everything first hand – I don’t just want to do an event in New York and London, I want to go to South Africa and Brazil and really be a part of it. To see where and how the bags are made and how they are helping people,” she said. “Luckily they are letting me be quite involved!”

Earnest and compassionate, Swanepoel explained how a decade of working in the industry has taught her to be more selective about the jobs that she accepts and the people that she works with.

“For many years as a young girl I was just trying to make it for myself, earn money and have a great future. But now, I’ve earned money and I got to a point where I thought, ‘Do I really need to do this job, is it really going to change me or help me?’ So that’s why I was looking for something that would really feed me in a different way. I feel like a lot of celebrities feel a responsibility to do that – they feel like they have to – whereas I didn’t, it just organically became something that I needed in my life,” she explained. “Sometimes in my world you have to do things that are not really you and sell things that are not really you – but I don’t do anything that I’m not going to talk sincerely about. So it’s a real pleasure for me to do this.”

So how does she prevent herself from feeling overworked and underappreciated?

“It’s a business so people will try and get you to do everything that you possibly can – particularly when you’re younger, it’s much harder. But I take a lot of inspiration from travelling and different cultures and seeing real life, so that’s what I like to do – I go and travel somewhere and purposefully don’t stay in a nice hotel because that feels like work,” she said. “I try and do things that inspire me, and give me energy to go back to work and be a happy person. You need that to be able to work as much as we do. I took a month off for Christmas and New Year, and I know it sounds like a long time, but I come back better and stronger than ever and happy to work. You can see it in the eyes, your attitude – it’s a very personal job that we do. People are in your face all the time, and if you’re not right or you’re not happy, then it’s very difficult. So that’s how I continue! It’s good, now my projects are feeding my business as well.”

The Narciso Rodriguez for Bottletop collection is available to buy exclusively at Harrods in the UK.


Candice Swanepoel: ‘Going commando always works’


‘I’m pleased that people like my work,’ says Candice Swanepoel of her popularity amongst the press and public. The South African-born model is of course professionally beautiful – and it just so happens that her day job is very much appreciated by the gawping everyman. In addition to her career on the catwalk circuit, you’ll recognize her as the girl who wowed the world in the $10 million Fantasy Bra at the Victoria’s Secret show last November. With or without the pricey lingerie, Candice looks a million dollars, but what else would she try on?

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Do you love or loathe it?

I’m pretty cynical about it usually. But as I’m getting older I’m getting into a bit more. I like things that are a little more spontaneous and natural. But I’m realising that it is a good excuse to celebrate.

What do you normally get up to?

I like to stay at home and cook a nice meal or just be surprised by my boyfriend [giggles].

Who makes a bigger effort?

The men on Valentine’s Day have to make a bigger effort. It’s on both sides but initially the guy has to make the effort.

I’ve got a friend who went on a date with a man who played with lint from his belly button. What’s the oddest first date nervous tic that you’ve encountered?

[Laughs] It’s not that odd but profuse sweating or like wandering hands.

You’ve been dating Brazilian model Hermann Nicoli for a few years now. Was it love at first sight?

Since 17. Yeah, it was kind of love or desire at first sight [laughs]. I was living between Milan, London and Paris and I met him at a party in Milan very briefly. Then I was in Paris a year later during men’s fashion week, when I was staying in a little apartment hotel in Paris, and we met in the lobby, and that’s where we hit it off.

Did he approach you?

[Giggles] We both have different stories but I kind of approached him, that’s the funny thing. I had just come out of a relationship in South Africa that wasn’t working and pretty soon after that I met him… and the rest is history.

After a few drinks on a first date, like countless other men I’ve been guilty of asking a girl back home. How do you feel about these kinds of requests?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that – it depends on how the date went. It’s about gauging where the other person is at. That’s the thing, if I were single, I would be terrible. When you’re younger it’s so much more innocent and easy – it’s more organic. As adults it’s more of a tricky thing, you kind of want to respect the girl.

Adults have different intentions…

Yeah, but women are just as bad as men. There’s no harm in asking, she’ll say no if she doesn’t want to.

Over the years, you’ve spent a lot of time being photographed in lingerie for magazines. Am I right in thinking that this is how you hang out in your home?

[Laughs] Um no, I must admit that I have a great collection of lingerie. At home I try to find the most comfortable thing to wear.

Do you go for Bridget Jones-style bloomers?

No, no, no, definitely not. I have access to all this beautiful lingerie. You can find comfy lingerie like boy shorts, briefs – and commando always works [giggles].

Always nice to be naked. You’re a ballet dancer, so do you like expressing your sexuality through dance?

Yeah, I mean growing up doing ballet makes you a lot more aware of how to move your body. Dance is a big part of the way we communicate with people, the way we feel about ourselves. When you’re out and dancing you’re showing people a part of yourself.

Are you normally one of the first to get dancing on a night out?

I’m that person who won’t talk and will be dancing the entire time. It’s a release for me, I love to dance. And I like expressing myself through Brazilian samba.

Are you competent at doing the samba?

[Giggles] Not 100 percent but I can take it pretty well.

Do you go dancing with your boyfriend?

In Brazil, there are parties everywhere, so we kind of go wild.

You said in a past interview that blondes have more fun. What do you mean by that?

The difference between brunettes and blondes is that you notice a blonde first when she walks into a room. I was more serious as a brunette. It’s easier to have that cute, naughty, playful attitude as a blonde.

So going blonde has changed your attitude?

I’m used to playing a different role for work. Hair colour is like fragrance or lingerie: it brings something different out of you.

Should lingerie create a fantasy?

Yeah. There are so many different styles that all play a different role: Body by Victoria’s Secret is very relaxed and there’s a sexy line that’s playful with colour, garter belts and babydolls. Then there’s the more cutesy stuff with lace and frills.

Which is your favourite style and why?

I do tend to stick to the more sultry black lace, garter belts and subtle styles.

Men often buy the generic gifts of chocolates, jewellery, flowers or lingerie. What do girls actually want?

Everything. [Laughs]. I enjoy getting flowers and it’s always interesting seeing what lingerie a partner will pick out for you.

Do you trust a man’s choice?

Yeah, for Valentine’s Day because it’s kind of their fantasy and it’s fun to play that out. I wouldn’t trust him with my everyday stuff – it wouldn’t be comfortable but one day of the year is fine.


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Passing an afternoon in Itapuã with top South African Candice Swanepoel


Passionate about Brazil , the angel of Victoria ‘s Secret chose in Salvador the first to support social causes in your life – and , Vogue , revealed why the gesture is much more important for her than for women of Bahia poor community

Candice Swanepoel speaks Portuguese , has a house in Brazil , like your acarajé with little pepper and plans to meet a yard of Candomblé sometime. There was , however , none of these reasons that led to South Africa to Bahia in the middle of last year. In August , she chose Trancoso ( place your favorite ” in the world ” ) as the location for the cover of this editorial in the January issue of Vogue . The next month , arrived in Salvador on a journey lightning which went unnoticed by the paparazzi . Wearing cotton shirt , plaid shirt tied at the waist , jeans and Converse sneakers , the angel of Victoria ‘s Secret and fourth sexiest model in the world ranking followed up the neighborhood Itapuã to meet women of a community needy responsible for plots that give grace to the British brand Bottletop accessories .’

Under the command of Cameron Saul and Oliver Wayman , designer makes an intensive social work through his foundation, promoting the inclusion of young people exposed to risks such as HIV virus pregnancy , drug abuse and adolescence through educational programs funded with sale of clothing accessories . In Brazil , based in Sao Paulo with Womanhood Project , which provides assistance to pregnant teenagers and Salvador , which enables the artisans that enchanted Candice – there, under the eye of coordinator Luciano dos Santos , they received lessons from a designer brought from the studios of prêt – à-porter Paris to create colorful bags , clutches and belts from recycled tin rings . Interested in Bahia as anywhere else – the top says that there is a unique corner of the world where he feels at home – she posed for the brand campaign without charge and was keen to go there know closely a piece of first social project supported in your life .

” After so much time working for a daily paycheck , the money shall not make you happier . Accomplish something is much more rewarding than taking a top job and increase my bank account . These ladies need us – but I need them too, ” Candice reflected during the visit . “It’s the first time I get involved with social work. Smaller I supported causes in New York , was in a charitable gala nights and such, but nothing as significant as this. For a long time I looked for a cause, but wanted it to be something I really wanted to do, not something that made me feel at work when I saw how passionate and young – . , therefore , could be doing other things now – were the people behind the project , and saw the places in which they act – there Salvador , but also a core in Mozambique , which brings me back to Africa – it seemed the right thing to do , “he added .

” In South Africa we do not learn much about South America learned English , History – about Brazil , I knew nothing ,” said the top , which influence the capixaba boyfriend met ( and quite ) the country for the last eight years. ” Vitoria, Belo Horizonte , São Paulo , Rio de Janeiro , Fortaleza , Conceição da Barra – . . Up to a reggae festival in Itaúnas I went ‘m gringa , but adopted the Brazil When I came to Bahia , the feelings I had were overwhelming . ‘s a place where I feel alive , I see good people around me and it makes me become a better person . ”

” For models , the life is in fast- forward mode – I can guarantee that I did things that many people 30 years and never made it all about yourself , . . You are your own business after a certain time in the industry , you tired of it . [ Pause ] I think that is why many models have children early , because then their story also involves another person , you know I also need to feel that I am doing things for someone other than me . ”

Owner of a house in the Holy Spirit and a respectable repertoire of words in the national vocabulary – she adores, for example, swearing in Portuguese – Candice is passionate about culture found here . Like eating acarajé (with a little pepper , please) , pot pie , prefer their meat at a barbecue with headlight and says it does a good vinaigrette . Hear a lot of Brazilian music , so on your iPod Jorge Ben Jor ago , Tim Maia , plus a bit of forró bands and reggae ( ” Freedom to Inside the Head ” , the Natiruts , is one of the favorite tracks , she sings head ) .

Also, is very interested in knowing a Candomble yard . I mention that there are people , even Brazilians, who feel frightened by this aspect of our culture . ” Nah ! I grew up in Africa , I’m not afraid of those things . ‘m Very interested in spirituality, in fact . Like to know what people believe , their different religions . Grew up Christian , but now I am in a spiritual way through which I connect with nature and the energy of the people – do not worry about the place to which I will when I die . ” And we thought we were restricted to the angels heaven.

In time, sold in spots like Harrods in London , scholarships of Bottletop landed on the shelves of multi Seas in February . And soon a designer weight of American fashion will support the project too. Keep your eye .


Candice Swanepoel on FOX & Friends (Video + Photos)


Yesterday Candice also visited FOX & Friends to promote her Royal Fantasy Bra and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show that will be aired on CBS, December 10th at 10/9c. Plus the F&F crew posted a few photos from the studio with her, check them out in our gallery.

Candice Swanepoel Interview on Huffington Post Live

Exclusive: Candice Swanepoel for W Magazine by Woolworths & More!


Since the release of this I have been trying my hardest to get my little hands on them, just for you guys. Luckily we have an amazing connection to Candice’s motherland through one of her biggest fans, @Lynn_Minnaar who was kind enough to not only buy the magazine but scan it exclusively for us. Also check out the latest RE: Candice Shorts videos, including a little chat about festivals with Woolworths, Behind the Scenes clip & an exclusive interview with Top Billing!

Photo Gallery > Magazines > 2013 > W Magazine by Woolworths