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Jan 18
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Jan 18
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Jan 18
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Jan 18
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Jan 18
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Candice was spotted today in Trancoso at the feria in a red bikini top with white polka dots.

Dec 17
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We’re proud to announce that Candice will be the face of Miss Sixty for another season, check her out in the Spring 2018 Angel Collection.

Dec 17
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It’s been a rough year. From political uncertainty to personal loss, 2017 was not without its challenges. As the time (finally!) comes to a close, CR celebrates the approaching season—and all its new beginnings—with our first-ever photo calendar. Photographed by longtime magazine collaborator Steven Klein and styled by Carine, the exclusive series showcases our favorite beauties in acts of dazzling strength. Revealed here for the first time, CR stars take center stage in the limited edition release made in collaboration with TECHNOGYM, as Gigi Hadid, Grace Elizabeth, Joan Smalls, Hailey Clauson, Paris Jackson, Hoyeon Jung, Binx Walton, Eniko Mihalik, Hannah Ferguson, Joelle Lombardi, Danielle Herrington, Halima Aden, and Candice Swanepoel offer their own moments of power, diversity, and inspiration. Explains Carine: “It’s about the multiplicity of woman in the year 2018.” Take your first look at the calendar below, which is officially available for purchase as of today, with all proceeds from the sale benefiting the Special Olympics.


CR Girls 2018 is available for purchase online now.


Photoshoots > Steven Klein

Nov 17
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Candids > 2017 > November 28 – Arriving at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Viewing Party

Public Appearances > 2017 > November 28 – Victoria’s Secret Fashion Viewing Party

Nov 17
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“Matmazzafera: Angels answer. Cristiano or Neymar?”

Matmazzafera uploaded a new video with Candice, Alessandra and other models in the backstage of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.

He played with the girls to “kiss, kill and marry” a game in which you give 3 names and you must pick who would you kill, who would you kiss and who would you marry.”

She first was asked about Tom Brady, Bieber and Brad Pitt.

Marry -> Brad Pitt

Kiss -> Bieber

Kill -> Tom Brady

The next picks were Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Ed Westwick.

Marry -> Ed Westwick

Kiss -> Nick Jonas

Kill -> Joe Jonas

Later she was asked about Neymar, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo and her picks were.

Marry -> Neymar

Kiss -> Cristiano

Kill -> Beckham

He finally asked her for the same game about Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas and J Balvin but she decided to kill all of them.

At the near end of the video they played “who did this?”

The game consists in making a question and two contestants must answer without each other to know what the other will answer who did it.


Send/sent nudes.

Both answered Candice and they both answered right.

Send text to a ex being drunk.

Both answered Matmazzafera and both answered right.

Stay with two (I might have done mistake with this one but couldn’t find a better translation)

Both answere Matmazzafera and both answered right.

Get out without lingerie.

Both answered Candice and they both answered right.

Search/stalk in boyfriend’s phone (is what I did understand)

Both answered Candice and they both answered right.

Candice adeed that Hermann knows about it and the video finished with some already seen footage from the show.

Nov 17
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In a interview to Quem Candice speaks about her dream to parade in the Brazilian carnival.

Candice Swanepoel, 29, is looking forward to the Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show parade later this month in Shanghai, China. The South African top is part of the international underwear brand angels team and is pleased with the recognition it has in Brazil.

Married to the capixaba Hermann Nicoli, she already has two homes in the country: a house in Vitoria, her husband’s hometown, and an apartment in São Paulo, a city that brings more convenience to its international flight schedule, since it has several commitments out of the country.

Mother of the small Anacan, 1 year, the model doesn’t hide the desire to have more children. “I want a big family,” she says.

QUEM: Mother, model, angel, houses in Brazil and the United States, family in South Africa … Your routine is agitated, right?

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: My routine is a little crazy. I try to calm down a little because of my son. We have tried to stay longer in Brazil and I like to avoid the cold. I don’t like winter (laughs). In recent weeks, I have stepped up my preparations for the Victoria’s Secrets parade, which this year will take place in Shanghai, China. During the days that I will stay there, I will leave Anacã with his paternal grandfathers, in Espirito Santo. We have a house in Vitoria, where he will be staying.

QUEM: Do you like when you travel with him or do you prefer to spare him?

He likes it, but it’s a bit complicated to travel with a child. It was easier when he was a little baby. He was on my chest and ready (laughs). Now he wants to play, to ride the plane. Gets complicated.

QUEM: You have an apartment in São Paulo. Why did you decide to have a property in the city?

C.S .: As I will stay longer in Brazil, São Pauo is much more practical. It has a greater facility for flights, I can organize my trips out.

QUEM: Have you ever wanted to take a break from a restless career?

C.S .: They are 10, 11 years running around the world. When I got pregnant, I decided to take the time to rest and enjoy the pregnancy.

QUEM: You spend a lot of time in Brazil. Do you also often go to South Africa, where you were born, often?

C.S .: No, it’s a lower frequency. I go once a year to my country. My parents moved from where I grew up. So their house is no longer where I was born, you know. Brazil has turned my house around.

WHO: What do you like to do when you are in Brazil?

C.S .: Everything! I like to visit the most remote places, in contact with nature, be it beach or mountain. São Paulo is urban, but has beaches nearby. I like to go out to eat in São Paulo.

QUEM: What are your favorite Brazilian dishes?

C.S .: There is so much dish that I like … To tell you the truth, when I’m away, what I miss is that big dish, with rice, beans … Pretty traditional. I also love barbecue.

QUEM: Your Portuguese is very good, fluent. How did your affinity with Brazil arise? You came for Hermann?

C.S .: At first, yes. I think love has grown because I have always been received with love in Brazil. There are countries that like to spread gossip, Brazil always talks about me with respect, love … I like Brazil and I like Brazil.

QUEM: How is the preparation for Victorias’s Secrets Fashion Show? Is it too strict?

C.S .: Not for me. I stare with tranquility. It is important a workout blend, with good nutrition. I usually do dance and yoga classes when I’m in New York. I’m not much of going to the gym. When two weeks are up for the parade, I get intensified, I do bodybuilding. I usually exercise for half an hour, 40 minutes a day and that’s fine. In Victoria, I like to run on the beach. With my son, there is not much time left for this.

QUEM: You are very good mother. Ever wanted to be a mother?

I had not that desire always, no. At one point in my life, it came and I’m loving being a mother. I love dedicating myself to motherhood after so much time focused on my career.

QUEM: Do you want to have more children?

C.S .: Yes. I want a big family, let’s see in time.

QUEM: When were you in Brazil for the first time?

C.S .: The first time I came to Brazil I was 17 years old. In my life, the place where I spent most vacation was Brazil. In my childhood memories, of course, I remember the farm in South Africa. After I came away modeling and traveling the world, Brazil became my safe haven. I always spend New Year’s Eve in Brazil. I still do not know the destination this year, but I like Bahia, especially the beaches of the north coast there.

QUEM: We have already seen you parade of underwear and we know of your connection with the country. When will we see you parade at Carnival? Wants?

C.S .: My dream! Only I would have to do many samba classes. When I decide to do something, I want to do it well. I don’t want to just stay like this [raises his fingers, indicating a gringo in the samba]. I’m going to call Sabrina Sato to give me some lessons. I think the Carnival is beautiful here.

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