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2017. December. 05.

It’s been a rough year. From political uncertainty to personal loss, 2017 was not without its challenges. As the time (finally!) comes to a close, CR celebrates the approaching season—and all its new beginnings—with our first-ever photo calendar. Photographed by longtime magazine collaborator Steven Klein and styled by Carine, the exclusive series showcases our favorite beauties in acts of dazzling strength. Revealed here for the first time, CR stars take center stage in the limited edition release made in collaboration with TECHNOGYM, as Gigi Hadid, Grace Elizabeth, Joan Smalls, Hailey Clauson, Paris Jackson, Hoyeon Jung, Binx Walton, Eniko Mihalik, Hannah Ferguson, Joelle Lombardi, Danielle Herrington, Halima Aden, and Candice Swanepoel offer their own moments of power, diversity, and inspiration. Explains Carine: “It’s about the multiplicity of woman in the year 2018.” Take your first look at the calendar below, which is officially available for purchase as of today, with all proceeds from the sale benefiting the Special Olympics.


CR Girls 2018 is available for purchase online now.


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“Matmazzafera: Angels answer. Cristiano or Neymar?”

Matmazzafera uploaded a new video with Candice, Alessandra and other models in the backstage of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.

He played with the girls to “kiss, kill and marry” a game in which you give 3 names and you must pick who would you kill, who would you kiss and who would you marry.”

She first was asked about Tom Brady, Bieber and Brad Pitt.

Marry -> Brad Pitt

Kiss -> Bieber

Kill -> Tom Brady

The next picks were Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Ed Westwick.

Marry -> Ed Westwick

Kiss -> Nick Jonas

Kill -> Joe Jonas

Later she was asked about Neymar, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo and her picks were.

Marry -> Neymar

Kiss -> Cristiano

Kill -> Beckham

He finally asked her for the same game about Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas and J Balvin but she decided to kill all of them.

At the near end of the video they played “who did this?”

The game consists in making a question and two contestants must answer without each other to know what the other will answer who did it.


Send/sent nudes.

Both answered Candice and they both answered right.

Send text to a ex being drunk.

Both answered Matmazzafera and both answered right.

Stay with two (I might have done mistake with this one but couldn’t find a better translation)

Both answere Matmazzafera and both answered right.

Get out without lingerie.

Both answered Candice and they both answered right.

Search/stalk in boyfriend’s phone (is what I did understand)

Both answered Candice and they both answered right.

Candice adeed that Hermann knows about it and the video finished with some already seen footage from the show.

In a interview to Quem Candice speaks about her dream to parade in the Brazilian carnival.

Candice Swanepoel, 29, is looking forward to the Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show parade later this month in Shanghai, China. The South African top is part of the international underwear brand angels team and is pleased with the recognition it has in Brazil.

Married to the capixaba Hermann Nicoli, she already has two homes in the country: a house in Vitoria, her husband’s hometown, and an apartment in São Paulo, a city that brings more convenience to its international flight schedule, since it has several commitments out of the country.

Mother of the small Anacan, 1 year, the model doesn’t hide the desire to have more children. “I want a big family,” she says.

QUEM: Mother, model, angel, houses in Brazil and the United States, family in South Africa … Your routine is agitated, right?

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: My routine is a little crazy. I try to calm down a little because of my son. We have tried to stay longer in Brazil and I like to avoid the cold. I don’t like winter (laughs). In recent weeks, I have stepped up my preparations for the Victoria’s Secrets parade, which this year will take place in Shanghai, China. During the days that I will stay there, I will leave Anacã with his paternal grandfathers, in Espirito Santo. We have a house in Vitoria, where he will be staying.

QUEM: Do you like when you travel with him or do you prefer to spare him?

He likes it, but it’s a bit complicated to travel with a child. It was easier when he was a little baby. He was on my chest and ready (laughs). Now he wants to play, to ride the plane. Gets complicated.

QUEM: You have an apartment in São Paulo. Why did you decide to have a property in the city?

C.S .: As I will stay longer in Brazil, São Pauo is much more practical. It has a greater facility for flights, I can organize my trips out.

QUEM: Have you ever wanted to take a break from a restless career?

C.S .: They are 10, 11 years running around the world. When I got pregnant, I decided to take the time to rest and enjoy the pregnancy.

QUEM: You spend a lot of time in Brazil. Do you also often go to South Africa, where you were born, often?

C.S .: No, it’s a lower frequency. I go once a year to my country. My parents moved from where I grew up. So their house is no longer where I was born, you know. Brazil has turned my house around.

WHO: What do you like to do when you are in Brazil?

C.S .: Everything! I like to visit the most remote places, in contact with nature, be it beach or mountain. São Paulo is urban, but has beaches nearby. I like to go out to eat in São Paulo.

QUEM: What are your favorite Brazilian dishes?

C.S .: There is so much dish that I like … To tell you the truth, when I’m away, what I miss is that big dish, with rice, beans … Pretty traditional. I also love barbecue.

QUEM: Your Portuguese is very good, fluent. How did your affinity with Brazil arise? You came for Hermann?

C.S .: At first, yes. I think love has grown because I have always been received with love in Brazil. There are countries that like to spread gossip, Brazil always talks about me with respect, love … I like Brazil and I like Brazil.

QUEM: How is the preparation for Victorias’s Secrets Fashion Show? Is it too strict?

C.S .: Not for me. I stare with tranquility. It is important a workout blend, with good nutrition. I usually do dance and yoga classes when I’m in New York. I’m not much of going to the gym. When two weeks are up for the parade, I get intensified, I do bodybuilding. I usually exercise for half an hour, 40 minutes a day and that’s fine. In Victoria, I like to run on the beach. With my son, there is not much time left for this.

QUEM: You are very good mother. Ever wanted to be a mother?

I had not that desire always, no. At one point in my life, it came and I’m loving being a mother. I love dedicating myself to motherhood after so much time focused on my career.

QUEM: Do you want to have more children?

C.S .: Yes. I want a big family, let’s see in time.

QUEM: When were you in Brazil for the first time?

C.S .: The first time I came to Brazil I was 17 years old. In my life, the place where I spent most vacation was Brazil. In my childhood memories, of course, I remember the farm in South Africa. After I came away modeling and traveling the world, Brazil became my safe haven. I always spend New Year’s Eve in Brazil. I still do not know the destination this year, but I like Bahia, especially the beaches of the north coast there.

QUEM: We have already seen you parade of underwear and we know of your connection with the country. When will we see you parade at Carnival? Wants?

C.S .: My dream! Only I would have to do many samba classes. When I decide to do something, I want to do it well. I don’t want to just stay like this [raises his fingers, indicating a gringo in the samba]. I’m going to call Sabrina Sato to give me some lessons. I think the Carnival is beautiful here.

Passionate about Brazil (and a Brazilian), the South African top reveals her favorite places in the country, divides curiosities and career plans, her beauty secrets and tells how motherhood changed her life priorities.

Candice Swanepoel (Way Model) was born in South Africa, but her heart is Brazilian. The cover-girl of the November issue of Vogue Brasil, Victoria’s Secret’s top model and angel has been living in Tupiniquins since she was 17 years old, dates a Brazilian (Hermann Nicoli model), speaks Portuguese fluently, has two houses here (one is in Espírito Santo and the other in São Paulo), she only wears bikinis made in Brazil (and has an insider list of stores in which she buys his own), has a relationship with the body that is typical of our (not just because she has a contract with a lingerie brand) and chose Brazil to give birth to Anacã, her first child (and the experience of living magazine).

During a trip to Sao Paulo to visit the new apartment she bought in the Brooklyn neighborhood, the model chatted exclusively with Vogue and commented on the expectations for the Victoria’s Secret parade in Shanghai, the new fitness and beauty routine, going through the changes physical and psychological after the arrival of Anacã and her hobbies (spoiler: she loves to dance, ballet to pole dance!). Check out the interview result (which she made a point of answering in Portuguese!) For our “30 questions for” series below:

#1 Your relationship with Brazil is getting stronger. Do you ever feel like a Brazilian?

I have my African roots, but I have been to Brazil for so many years, since I was 17 years old. I built a passion for the country. I have many memories, many stories here. So I think I’m already a little Brazilian, yes.

#2 You bought an apartment in São Paulo. Are there any plans to live in São Paulo?

I come to São Paulo a lot to visit friends and also to work, so I wanted to have my little corner in the city. A cozy place and have my face. Besides, sometimes I come to Brazil and I don’t have time to go to Vitoria [where I have a house]. We unite the useful to pleasant!

# 3What is your favorite Brazilian food?

I like everything! Rice, beans, pot pie and meat with farofa … The food my mother-in-law does is wonderful too. When I’m in Brazil I feed myself much better and even so I like to come here to prepare for the Victoria’s Secret parade.

#4 Speaking of which, in 2016 you did not participate in the VSFS to take care of the Anacã, and now in 2017, you return to the show [it will be recorded on November 20 in Shanghai, China]: are you nervous?

I always get a little nervous … But it’s good! It was strange last year to watch the parade from afar. I’m excited, it’ll be wonderful.

#5 How is this preparation to scratch the lonely catwalk?

Is very important to relax. I have difficulties in gaining muscle and in New York my life is very rush and I can’t feed myself properly, so I end up losing weight very fast. So three years ago, I came to Brazil before the parade: first to stay calm and second to feed me properly for the big day.

#6 This year, Lais Ribeiro will use Fantasy Bra. Being a veteran angel, what advice would you give her right now?

I would tell her to enjoy the moment, because it passes so fast! You feel a lot of pressure because the whole press keeps an eye on the angel who will use Fantasy Bra. I ended up finding Lais a few weeks ago at the New York bra test, and – my! – It’s the most beautiful model I’ve ever seen!

#7 What’s on your pre-show menu?

At breakfast I like to eat bread, eggs, ham and cheese. At lunch, rice, beans and some protein … I eat everything, I only avoid sweets, soft drinks, but I’m lucky to be able to eat a lot and not get fat. But overall, I try to be healthy.

#8 What are your beauty secrets?

I like to use natural products, to be natural. I really like being tanned and when I can’t be naturally, I end up opting for self-tanning. I also moisturize my hair every day because I get into the direct water, pool or sea.

#9 What products do you use on your skin?

Since I use a lot of makeup when I’m working, it’s very important to keep my skin clean. For this, I use natural products. I opt for organic coconut oil to remove the makeup, and also mix it in my smoothies to maintain the luminosity of the skin. The most important thing my mother taught me is that you are never too young to take care of your skin. No matter how tired I am, I will never sleep without removing the makeup.

# 10 How is your fitness routine?

I have a personal trainer in New York who has been training with me for more than eight years. Over time, my exercise routine has changed a lot. I do yoga, boxing when I have energy, pilates and a lot of resistance training. I love yoga for spiritual and physical issues; it’s hard to meditate in New York, and that’s why I like to travel to places where I’m surrounded by nature. In Brazil, I try to work out every day, but I don’t spend the day at the gym. I usually work 40 minutes: I like to run on the beach, bike, dive and also do some bodybuilding. I try to do activities that amuse me too. My son is heavy and ends up being a 24 hour gym too – at the end of the day I’m exhausted!

#11 What are your tips for a perfect abdomen?

Practicing boxing, giving lots of laughter, doing pilates, yoga – everything involving exercises.

#12 Are you taking the Anacã with you to Shanghai?

No. I’ll leave him quiet with dad, grandma and auntie here in Brazil.

#13 How Did Motherhood Change Your Life?

Being a mother is very remarkable. Another Candice was born for sure, after Anacã. When I had my son I took the time to dedicate myself to motherhood which was very good. Before I worked hard, my focus was 100% professional. It was good to take time out for my family and get back to working with fresh energy and new inspiration.

# 14 How was the decision to have your child in Brazil?

I came to Brazil for the first time in 2006 and I was in love. I have had beautiful experiences in Brazil since I was 17 years old, so we decided to have our first child here. The fact that I spoke Portuguese fluently also helped in the decision – otherwise it would be very difficult for me communicate at this particular moment. My soul and my energy are always at peace when I am in Brazil.

#15 In the November issue of Vogue Brasil you commented on your humanized delivery. How was the experience?

Dra. Jaqueline Alvarenga and Thais Ramos Dias and Leticia Rios of Gesta Vida helped me realize my dream of a totally natural and humanized birth. It was the most wonderful moment for me. Every woman deserves to choose this moment in order to feel how strong and blessed we are to bring a new soul into the world.

#16 Do you want to have more children?

I want to have more children and they will come into the world as naturally as I can. I want to have a big family. But I need to rest before: I need to sleep for 1 year before! I guess after you have a kid you never go back to sleep like before [laughing].

#17 You’ve come back to parade, to star campaigns and magazines. Can you come up with some new project for 2018?

In the old days I worked hard and did many things. Now my priority is my son. So I always analyze well the work, how long I would have to stay away from Anacan … I put it on the scale and sometimes I need to talk, not for some projects. But next year comes a lot of cool yes, but I still can’t reveal!

#18 And the end of the year do you plan to spend in Brazil?

Of course! I must go to Bahia with my family and friends.

#19 Which places do you love the most here?

Bahia, Fernando de Noronha, Vitória … Rio de Janeiro is also beautiful. I adopted Brazil, it was very natural for me. I will always have African roots and Brazilian heart.

#20 Who’s your beauty icon?

I was inspired by the supermodels of the 1990s: Linda Evangelista, Bo Derek and Stephanie Seymour. They were strong, powerful, and sexy women.

#21 What is the best part of being a model?

Definitely the chance to meet so many amazing places and work in an extremely creative environment. I feel very lucky to be able to collaborate with people from all over the world, where each one has its history and its journey.

#22 What’s your favorite movie?

Wild Orchid. I watched before coming to Brazil the first time and many things in this film inspired me to love this country.

#23 What is your hobbie?

Dance. I love to dance! In New York I do ballet, pole dance …

#24 What is your secret talent?

Hmmm … I do not know. I do not think I have a secret talent. Can it be automation? I know how to do my makeup very well.

#25 Do you know how to cook?

Not very well, but I do! I make a great vinaigrette!

#26 What is your life mantra?

Every day is a new day and a new opportunity for you to evolve.

#27 How would you define Candice?

I’m a calm person, too!

#28 Do you meditate?

I do yoga. I wanted to meditate more, but my mind is very accelerated. So with yoga I can stop a bit and calm down.

#29 What would a perfect day look like in your life?

Wake up late [laughs], go to the beach, enjoy the beach with my son and my family, come home and eat a delicious lunch, take a nap [laugh], get some exercise and meet friends at night. I’m not a ballad, but I like to chat with friends and have some wine at home.

#30 And how do you imagine yourself in 20 years?

The way the world is going I hope to have a little place in the middle of the bush, with many children and surrounded by nature and my family; And I hope to be happy with my achievements at work.

Translated by Chelsea.

The Brazilian web Globo shared today the news that Candice will be shooting in early December a swim line with her name!

The shoot will be located in Fernando de Noronha, where she did shoot in 2014 with Marlon Teixeira the Osmoze campaign.

Candice Swanepoel (foto acima), vai realizar ensaio fotográfico para uma nova linha de biquíni que terá o nome da top internacional, em Fernando de Noronha. As fotos da mobelo vão ser feitas no início de dezembro. A sul-africana já realizou na ilha um ensaio para a Victoria’s Secret, marca que tem contrato, ela é uma das chamadas angel. As primeiras fotos em Noronha foram produzidas em 2014.

Candice virá à Noronha com o filho, Anacã, que nasceu no Brasil, é fruto do relacionamento com o modelo brasileiro, Hermann Nicoli. Swanepoel e equipe vão se hospedar na Pousada Maria Bonita, do ator Bruno Gagliasso.


Candice Swanepoel will carry out photographic essay for a new line of bikinis that will have the name of the international top , in Fernando de Noronha. The photos of the model will be made in early December. The South African has already performed on the island an essay for Victoria’s Secret, brand that has a contract, she is one of the so-called angel. The first photos in Noronha were produced in 2014. Candice will come to Noronha with her son, Anacã, who was born in Brazil, as the result of the relationship with the Brazilian model, Hermann Nicoli. Swanepoel and crew will be staying at the Pousada Maria Bonita, with the actor Bruno Gagliasso.

2017. November. 01.

Candice is featured in the November issue of Glamour Mexico with a interview made back in July 20th when Candice attended the launch event of Viva La Juicy Viva La Glacé.

Here is the interview translated that you can read buying the November 2017 issue of Glamour Mexico.

Sweet attraction:

Icon of beauty and style around the world, present in the most exclusive catwalks, ambassador of the top firms and invited of the best events. She is also South African, she is 29 years old, she has just been a mother, she is a lover and defender of nature.
Candice Swanepoel is a multifaceted woman with a great personality and charisma. Learn more about her!

Chatting with Candice is like being with a good friend, the most relaxed, always with a smile; in her eyes you can notice her sincerity, his passion and congruence in everything she says. In a beautiful suite decorated with thousands of flowers to celebrate the launch of the new Juicy Couture fragrance, Viva La Juicy Glacé, who has been ambassador for two years, in the middle of summer in New York, we discovered a model worthy of admiration.
Superauthentic and fun, the Victoria’s Secret angel shared some of her beauty secrets and the reasons that make her love life. Discover them.

What do you like most about the concept of Viva La Juicy?

I am very pleased that you think of this funny, fresh and vibrant woman; I like being able to represent her, she inspires me. I remember when I was younger and I saw his campaigns very colorful and funny. Now I love being part of them!

What makes you experience this fragrance when you take it with you?

The aroma is the perfect mix of fresh and earthy essences, and of course, the floral part that all the perfumes of the brand have. It evolves with different notes, turning it into a great addiction. It is a good transition because from the first release all versions have shared certain ingredients, such as orange. It smells incredible!

Juicy Couture is based on living to the fullest, what do you most enjoy?

Everything, really! I like that I have this healthy body, with which I can travel around the planet and know so many different things: food, climates, cultures; a lot of information. Now I love having a child.

There is so much to enjoy talking about this topic, what do you do when you do not feel so well?

How do you motivate yourself, how do you inspire yourself on a day when your spirit is not 100%?

My advice is to do some exercise, like yoga or any activity that puts you in motion; That always makes me feel good … Well, never when I start, but it always works. Music is also an excellent way to get up to speed; the aromas and fragrances will remind you of certain moments and feelings. At home there is a space where I have some crystals, my yoga mat, a vaporizer, and the sum of all these elements make me enter a Zen space.

What advice would you give to a girl who needs a boost of confidence?

I think everything is in the attitude. Maybe you can not feel so sure of yourself, but if you start to imagine yourself like that, to repeat that you are beautiful and that you feel confident, little by little you will project it; It is very mental. If you practice it, it will quickly become part of you.

What is your facial care routine?

In the mornings clean, tonify and moisturize my face, I also use creams for the eye area and, although I like to look tanned , I always use a high SPF. In addition, I do professional cleanings regularly. And in the body, to achieve that glow in the skin, exfoliation is the secret to keep it fresh and renewed. I do it twice a week. Without a doubt, you are a beach woman, what can you not miss when you go to the sea?Sunscreen, a hat, tennis rackets, facial hair and good music.

All the changes in the way, but did you notice any change in having a child?

Definitely, I feel different, there is a different vibration around me. I have exercised for so many years and I know perfectly well, and yes I have noticed transformations. I think that after being a mom, I’m thinner, but stronger.

What does it mean for you to be beautiful?

It’s trusting yourself and not comparing yourself to other people. I feel more beautiful in my most natural state, like when I’m on vacation and my skin has a certain color, my hair is relaxed, my face is rested and I’m happy.

What’s your secret to a selfie, with the light?

Personally, I think that the natural one is the most flattering. You must know your angles. Watch your photos and analyze them!

Who is the model you most admire?

All my friends who are also moms, Doutzen, Lily, Behati. Now I respect them even more, it’s amazing everything they do and how they find the ideal balance between their family and professional life.

We know that you do yoga, what would you say is your favorite posture?

I love to stand on my head and I love the dog upside down. You stretch a lot and you can see how your body is.

Usually, you’re vacationing in Brazil, what makes you love this country so much?

Its roots, which are very familiar, there’s always music, food, people sing ; There is a very happy vibe and that’s how I feel when I’m there. I come from South Africa, another very strong culture, and I think that Brazilians also have that. You always look very sweet and beautiful, but at the same time sexy and sure of yourself.

How do you manage to represent both facets in the same image?

It’s like in a photo session, when all the elements are present and you feel confidence, it’s as if something happened with your beauty look that is given at that moment and you go in that vibes.

Translated by Chelsea.



2017. October. 25.

Candice’s cover for Vogue Brasil is finally out. The November issue is part of their annual issue dedicated to Rio.

The official website of Vogue Brasil wrote the following.

Candice Swanepoel is the cover-girl of Vogue Brazil’s November special Rio.

The South African top, who has starred in three covers of Vogue Brasil, returns to be our cover-girl in November, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott at the Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro.

This was her first job after giving birth to her son Anacã, who was born in Brazil in a humanized birth – the experience she tells in the Vogue Reporter section.

On the cover, the model wears Dolce & Gabbana looks, with styling by Daniel Ueda, beauty signed by Henrique Martins, executive direction of David Jensen (WBorn Productions) and Léonard Cuinet-Petit, executive production of Daniel Cruz (WBorn Productions), and photography by Sinclair Mandy, Dale Cutts and Gabriel Stefanini.

“Since 1979, Vogue dedicates annual editions to Rio, a city that fashion loves (and vice versa). This time it would not be different, but by 2016 a lot has changed: after the Olympic Games, a historic and a new wave of violence came to dominate the news and hit the carioca. Our love, however, remains the same, “says our editor-in-chief Silvia Rogar. “This edition took shape thanks to the cariocas who did not let themselves be beaten in difficult times, starting with Paula Bezerra de Mello, who collaborated with Vogue since 2005, RP of Fasano do Rio and was a relentless figure, who connected us to Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, a spectacular pair of photographers who was going to spend the Carnival in Brazil and ended up with Paula’s suggestion to shoot Candice Swanepoel in the Fasano pool – the hotel celebrates ten years in Rio, helping to boost luxury tourism in the city.

From Mert & Marcus to Vogue Brazil is shocking as the current scenario demands – in the duo’s photos, women are never the fragile sex, but the owner of the game.”



2017. September. 26.