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Sep 18
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Mar 18
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As we reported last week Candice’s trip to Australia was for film and promote the new campaign of Oppo’s new phone, the R15.

Two interviews have been released since then but a few days we could finally see the first video for the campaign and we have new behind the scenes photos of it courtesy of her body double and other model of the commercial.

Loved working as Candice Swanepoel’s body double for the new OPPO phones TV commercial! Tested my diving and swimming skills ? @angelcandices @oppomobileau @oppo_mobile @hubproductions HMUA: @natmakeup_hair

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Earlier this year I got to work alongside the dream gal Candice Swanepoel ???? @giant_mgmt

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You can watch the commercial here:

The first video of the new campaign of Candice with Oppo is here. What do you think? #angelcandice #angelcandices #candiceswanepoel #themermaidfiles #tropicofc @angelcandices @tropicofc

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Mar 18
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Hi, I’m Candice Swanepoel.

I’m in Australia as an international ambassador for Oppo, and we’re shooting the new camera phone the our 11s.

With a bump it’s definitely a whole different situation. I definitely always go for pretty flowy dresses like I’m wearing now, but I think it at some stage it becomes about comfort as well so you’re trying to be comfortable and cute at the same time as hot, but I think feminine is always beautiful because pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life.

I think to be as feminine as possible accentuates the beauty.

It’s always about a balance for me so one meal and the day will be lighter than the others.

Probably during lunch I’ll do something heavier so that my body has time to burn it off and night time something lighter, and I always have a big breakfast breakfast, is like my favorite meal of the day so I’ll do like eggs and bacon and the whole lot.

I did the Victoria’s Secret Show pregnant so I was trying to work out as much as possible without overdoing it so I would, you know, jog on the beach and that kind of thing, but now I relax a lot during my pregnancy and just let my body rest a lot so it’s more about long walks or swimming, something that’s fun and not like going to the gym. It’s kind of like a holiday for me.


Feb 18
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Dker Nation, a Instagram based magazine launched by Jacques Dequeker and Nation by Crane shooted back in December a photoshoot with Candice in Fernando de Noronha which has been launched a hours ago in the Instagram feed of the magazine.

In the photoshoot Candice wears pieces of her collection as well as dress from NK, Rosa Cha and jewelry from Rincawesky.

Angels are blessed creatures, messengers of God. The sacred writings say that, in the end of all, when the last sign of life is dying, a shining, delicate and beautiful angel will come to save us and show us the way of hope for all humanity.
Meet our angel: Candice


Feb 18
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Candice shooted just two months ago in the Nascar track of Miami a mysterious shoot that today was revealed by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit as the new commercial of Kia for their new Stinger.

Back in September she took part of a race with A-Rod, Joan Smalls and Cameron Dallas in which she was the winner.

In the commercial released by SI Swimsuit you can see Candice wearing a red bathsuit, which is typical in SI, black pants, red lipstick matching with her swimsuit and the car she’s driving. She wears also a black belt around her belly, let’s not forget our girl is expecting her second baby boy.

You can watch the commercial in our Instagram and Twitter.

Candice's shooting in Miami was for SI and KIA! The shoot done in the Nascar track of Miami has been released today by @si_swimsuit via Twitter. #angelcandice #angelcandices #candiceswanepoel #themermaidfiles #tropicofc @angelcandices @tropicofc

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Will we see pictures of Candice for SI swimsuit?

Nov 17
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Candids > 2017 > November 28 – Arriving at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Viewing Party

Public Appearances > 2017 > November 28 – Victoria’s Secret Fashion Viewing Party

Nov 17
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“Matmazzafera: Angels answer. Cristiano or Neymar?”

Matmazzafera uploaded a new video with Candice, Alessandra and other models in the backstage of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.

He played with the girls to “kiss, kill and marry” a game in which you give 3 names and you must pick who would you kill, who would you kiss and who would you marry.”

She first was asked about Tom Brady, Bieber and Brad Pitt.

Marry -> Brad Pitt

Kiss -> Bieber

Kill -> Tom Brady

The next picks were Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Ed Westwick.

Marry -> Ed Westwick

Kiss -> Nick Jonas

Kill -> Joe Jonas

Later she was asked about Neymar, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo and her picks were.

Marry -> Neymar

Kiss -> Cristiano

Kill -> Beckham

He finally asked her for the same game about Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas and J Balvin but she decided to kill all of them.

At the near end of the video they played “who did this?”

The game consists in making a question and two contestants must answer without each other to know what the other will answer who did it.


Send/sent nudes.

Both answered Candice and they both answered right.

Send text to a ex being drunk.

Both answered Matmazzafera and both answered right.

Stay with two (I might have done mistake with this one but couldn’t find a better translation)

Both answere Matmazzafera and both answered right.

Get out without lingerie.

Both answered Candice and they both answered right.

Search/stalk in boyfriend’s phone (is what I did understand)

Both answered Candice and they both answered right.

Candice adeed that Hermann knows about it and the video finished with some already seen footage from the show.

Sep 17
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Candice x Bottega Veneta #angelcandice #angelcandices #candiceswanepoel #themermaidfiles @angelcandices @themermaidfiles

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Candice x Bottega Veneta #angelcandice #angelcandices #candiceswanepoel #themermaidfiles @angelcandices @themermaidfiles

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Candice x Bottega Veneta #angelcandice #angelcandices #candiceswanepoel #themermaidfiles @angelcandices @themermaidfiles ? @voguerussia

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Candice & Hailey Baldwin leaving the Bottega Veneta show. #angelcandice #angelcandices #candiceswanepoel #themermaidfiles #haileybaldwin @angelcandices @themermaidfiles @haileybaldwin

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Candice posing for photos after leaving the Bottega Veneta show. #angelcandice #angelcandices #candiceswanepoel #themermaidfiles @angelcandices @themermaidfiles

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Fashion Shows > 2018 > Spring/Summer > Bottega Veneta

Candids > 2017 > September 23 – Outside the Bottega Veneta show

Sep 17
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Fashion Shows > 2018 > Spring/Summer > Alexander Wang NYFW

Fashion Shows > 2018 > Spring/Summer > Alexander Wang – Backstage

Aug 17
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What was your first ?kiss like? ❤️ #MyFirstKiss

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#thenewvogueitalia ?#itsallaboutitaly ?? Era Solo Un Bacio ? by @mertalas and @macpiggott Editor in chief @efarneti Creative director @gb65 video directed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shot and edited by @cpxnyc

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Screen Captures > Online Videos > The New Vogue Italia

Screen Captures > Online Videos > Candice Swanepoel Talks About Her First Kiss for Vogue Italia

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