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Nov 17
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Candice is featured in the November issue of Glamour Mexico with a interview made back in July 20th when Candice attended the launch event of Viva La Juicy Viva La Glacé.

Here is the interview translated that you can read buying the November 2017 issue of Glamour Mexico.

Sweet attraction:

Icon of beauty and style around the world, present in the most exclusive catwalks, ambassador of the top firms and invited of the best events. She is also South African, she is 29 years old, she has just been a mother, she is a lover and defender of nature.
Candice Swanepoel is a multifaceted woman with a great personality and charisma. Learn more about her!

Chatting with Candice is like being with a good friend, the most relaxed, always with a smile; in her eyes you can notice her sincerity, his passion and congruence in everything she says. In a beautiful suite decorated with thousands of flowers to celebrate the launch of the new Juicy Couture fragrance, Viva La Juicy Glacé, who has been ambassador for two years, in the middle of summer in New York, we discovered a model worthy of admiration.
Superauthentic and fun, the Victoria’s Secret angel shared some of her beauty secrets and the reasons that make her love life. Discover them.

What do you like most about the concept of Viva La Juicy?

I am very pleased that you think of this funny, fresh and vibrant woman; I like being able to represent her, she inspires me. I remember when I was younger and I saw his campaigns very colorful and funny. Now I love being part of them!

What makes you experience this fragrance when you take it with you?

The aroma is the perfect mix of fresh and earthy essences, and of course, the floral part that all the perfumes of the brand have. It evolves with different notes, turning it into a great addiction. It is a good transition because from the first release all versions have shared certain ingredients, such as orange. It smells incredible!

Juicy Couture is based on living to the fullest, what do you most enjoy?

Everything, really! I like that I have this healthy body, with which I can travel around the planet and know so many different things: food, climates, cultures; a lot of information. Now I love having a child.

There is so much to enjoy talking about this topic, what do you do when you do not feel so well?

How do you motivate yourself, how do you inspire yourself on a day when your spirit is not 100%?

My advice is to do some exercise, like yoga or any activity that puts you in motion; That always makes me feel good … Well, never when I start, but it always works. Music is also an excellent way to get up to speed; the aromas and fragrances will remind you of certain moments and feelings. At home there is a space where I have some crystals, my yoga mat, a vaporizer, and the sum of all these elements make me enter a Zen space.

What advice would you give to a girl who needs a boost of confidence?

I think everything is in the attitude. Maybe you can not feel so sure of yourself, but if you start to imagine yourself like that, to repeat that you are beautiful and that you feel confident, little by little you will project it; It is very mental. If you practice it, it will quickly become part of you.

What is your facial care routine?

In the mornings clean, tonify and moisturize my face, I also use creams for the eye area and, although I like to look tanned , I always use a high SPF. In addition, I do professional cleanings regularly. And in the body, to achieve that glow in the skin, exfoliation is the secret to keep it fresh and renewed. I do it twice a week. Without a doubt, you are a beach woman, what can you not miss when you go to the sea?Sunscreen, a hat, tennis rackets, facial hair and good music.

All the changes in the way, but did you notice any change in having a child?

Definitely, I feel different, there is a different vibration around me. I have exercised for so many years and I know perfectly well, and yes I have noticed transformations. I think that after being a mom, I’m thinner, but stronger.

What does it mean for you to be beautiful?

It’s trusting yourself and not comparing yourself to other people. I feel more beautiful in my most natural state, like when I’m on vacation and my skin has a certain color, my hair is relaxed, my face is rested and I’m happy.

What’s your secret to a selfie, with the light?

Personally, I think that the natural one is the most flattering. You must know your angles. Watch your photos and analyze them!

Who is the model you most admire?

All my friends who are also moms, Doutzen, Lily, Behati. Now I respect them even more, it’s amazing everything they do and how they find the ideal balance between their family and professional life.

We know that you do yoga, what would you say is your favorite posture?

I love to stand on my head and I love the dog upside down. You stretch a lot and you can see how your body is.

Usually, you’re vacationing in Brazil, what makes you love this country so much?

Its roots, which are very familiar, there’s always music, food, people sing ; There is a very happy vibe and that’s how I feel when I’m there. I come from South Africa, another very strong culture, and I think that Brazilians also have that. You always look very sweet and beautiful, but at the same time sexy and sure of yourself.

How do you manage to represent both facets in the same image?

It’s like in a photo session, when all the elements are present and you feel confidence, it’s as if something happened with your beauty look that is given at that moment and you go in that vibes.

Translated by Chelsea.



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