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Jun 13
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Remember the amazing shoot Candice did a few months ago for Victoria’s Secret in NYC/Central Park? We’re finally get our first peek at the newest collection. xx

Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > Clothing

Jun 13
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New photos of Candice for Victoria’s Secret Swim, Lingerie, Clothing & VSX. Hope you guys enjoy. xx

Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > Clothing
Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > Lingerie
Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > Swim
Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > VSX

Jun 13
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Enjoying a sunny day in the Big Apple, Candice Swanepoel and beau Hermann Nicoli strolled around SoHo on Friday (June 21).

The Victoria’s Secret Angel wore a breezy white top, some very short denim cutoffs, and sandals as she held the hand of her Brazilian boyfriend.

Recently, the 24-year-old model spoke to Marie Claire UK about her beauty secrets, admitting her top tip is “to get a facial every three weeks to keep my skin in tip-top condition.”

As for her all-time favorite beauty icon, Candice gushes, “Sophia Loren – she is classic and absolutely gorgeous.”

Candids > 2013 > June 21 – Candice out & about with Hermann in NYC

Jun 13
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There’s just something about summer that makes stars want to lighten up.

For some celebs such as Dianna Agron and ariel winter that means switching to a blond hue. But if you’ve already got golden strands like Candice Swanepoel there’s really only one option: going platinum.

“I wanted to do something different. . . Something spur of the moment,” the model told E! News’ Alicia Quarles at last night’s amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York City.

Indeed, she beached her hair only two hours before attending the event! But despite the impulsive decision it looks like she might be keeping the lighter locks for awhile since she agreed, “Blondes do have more fun!”

e! online

Public Appearances > 2013 > June 13 – 4th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala

Jun 13
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Candids > 2013
April 24 – Candice Shooting for Victoria’s Secret Fall in Central Park
April 24 – Candice & Hermann Take Milo for Walk in Central Park
April 25 – Candice Shooting Fall Collection for Victoria’s Secret in NYC
May 25 – Candice Relaxing Poolside in Miami
May 26 – Candice out & about in Miami
May 27 – Candice Relaxes on Miami Beach
May 29 – Candice & Hermann walking their dogs in West Village
June 04 – Candice Strolling Through West Village

Public Appearances > 2013
June 03 – CFDA Fashion Awards
June 03 – Swarovski Official After Party of the 2013 CFDA Fashion Awards

Victoria’s Secret > 2013

May 13
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May 13
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We spoke to our body issue cover girl Candice Swanepoel and her trainer Justin Gelband on how to be fit, not skinny.

“Not model thin. Model fit” reads the slogan on the website of celebrity trainer and “model whisperer” Justin Gelband. The trainer and self-professed “life coach” has worked with the best in the business, including many of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, and champions a program that focuses on a healthy approach to getting a model body.

“I recognised that the girls in the industry were really behind,” says Gelband. “They weren’t concentrating on their bodies; it was more about not eating, not exercising and doing everything they can to lose the weight as quick as they can.” He thought what was needed was a method that ensured “all the women are eating, doing exercise and cardio and working on their bodies and minds and incorporating all these great things into their daily regimens so they can be the best they can be with the bodies they’ve been given.”

Gelband began working with Swanepoel shortly after her Victoria’s Secret runway debut. After seeing her on the runway he was determined to work with her and immediately approached her agent. The rest, as they say, is history.

So how do we do it Justin – how do we get a body like Candice?

“To be the best you can be with the body you’ve been given and work on the curves you have, you need to stop looking at what everyone else is doing and stop worrying about the whole quick fix,” says Gelband. “Anyone can be model fit, anyone can be their own model in their own body,” he says.

“The best thing to do is to work on your nutrition, eat proper foods, get the proper nutrients and minerals and vitamins in your body and then at the same time, exercise properly. If you do that you’re not only going to feel good mentally but physically as well,” he says.


Candice is a dream candidate for Justin’s program with a work ethic and determination that helps her to continue training when travelling. “I’ve always been very disciplined with everything I do. I grew up doing ballet from a young age and that’s where it started,” says Swanepoel. “I’m prepared all year round because we shoot all year round,” she says. Gelband stresses the importance of a maintainable program. “We do no more than an hour and she works out three to four days a week,” he says.


“Each day is different,” says Gelband. “We’ll do some pilates, we’ll do some yoga, we’ll do some balance and stability, some movement and motion and we’ll do some boxing so she can release some stress and get nice and tight. But we’re always changing her movements and her exercise,” he says.


Recently, Swanepoel has worked with her trainer to take boxing to another level. “I did kickboxing before, which was great for my core, so I’m now learning to fight like a professional fighter.” The model mixes boxing, skipping and ballet to target different muscle areas. “I’m still finding muscles I didn’t know I had!”


“When we want to work on her stomach and her core we do a lot of boxing. When we’re doing her butt we use ankle weights and focus on the inner thigh and her butt, the inside, outside and top. [It’s about] really rounding the butt off.” Gelband’s derrièr-perfecting move involves starting on all fours with a light weight strapped on the ankle. Start with a straight leg, making small lifts up and down. Complete 12 to 15 reps with each leg, starting at the side, then repeat with the leg straight behind, then slightly inward. Repeat the whole exercise with your leg bent, sole of the foot to the sky. This time, rest on your elbows to protect your back. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t complete all reps the first time; work towards this number in your routine.


“I don’t deny myself anything,” says Swanepoel. “Extremely oily and salty foods make me feel instantly ill, so everything I eat is good for me, organic and fresh. If there is one thing someone has to supervise me with, though, it’s peanut butter and chocolate ice-cream.” When it comes to taking a break from her hectic work schedule, Swanepoel reconnects to her South African upbringing by getting close to nature. “I like to take a trip somewhere beautiful near the ocean or any water. Nature is what restores my energy.”

source: vogue australia

May 13
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May 13
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In the recent months we’ve been moving a lot of stuff around are just really unhappy with how things look/feel, so we decided to start with a clean slate. This move will be slow and steady, but you will be able to access both galleries while we make the move. If you click the photo gallery link in our navigation bar, it will take you to the old gallery, but if you click the latest photo thumbnails you will be taken to the new one. As photos are moved and and added to the new gallery we will be deleting them from the old one.

May 13
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Ever playing the part of the vixen, South African model Candice Swanepoel smolders in the pages of Interview Germany’s June issue. In front of Sharif Hamza’s lens, the blonde bombshell poses in the backseat of a car in various states of undress. Fashion director Julia van Boehm selects sexy ensembles for Candice to wear including the designs of Burberry Prorsum, Valentino, Versace and others.

Magazines Scans > 2013 > Interview Germany June

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