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Mar 13
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Mar 13
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Mar 13
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I like to send a special thank you to our beautiful angel for answering questions yesterday for #AskAnAngel! I was lucky enough to have her answer me twice…still can’t believe it! Congratulations to all the other fans who were lucky too. If you missed #AskAnAngel, check it out below, exclusively for DivineCandice. It took time to put it together like this, it wasn’t just some copy & paste job. I ask that all fans respect that and credit if you decide to repost. Thank you.

@DivineCandice: Out of all the high fashion designers you’ve walked for which show has been your most favorite?
CS: Chanel.

@ZuleikaAlvarad0: Pink or purple?
CS: Purple.

@Rachelk212: How do you get flawless skin?
CS: Is all about what you eat and getting the right vitamins.

@sellyisabeauty: What are your favorite spa treatments?
CS: Oil head massage, foot massage and body scrub.

@DivineCandice: Who’s the most inspirational person in your life?
CS: My grandmother was, she was a kind, beautiful soul.

@BarabaraArmy: What has ben your favorite shoot ever?
CS: How about 2? Italian Vogue w/ Steven Meisel and Candice does Copenhagen w/ Mario Testino.

@candiceturkey: When you were a child , what was your biggest dream?
CS: I wanted to be a mermaid.

@Lexi_Royy: Favorite magazine to read?
CS: V Mag, Love Mag or any Vogue.

@talishapatel: What’s your essential makeup tip?
CS: Don’t overdo the foundation – keep it looking light & fresh.

@Candy_wings: What’s your favorite book?
CS: Brazil, by John Updike.

@KJamjekian: What’s 3 things you cannot live without?
CS: The sun, the beach and my dogs.

@Blacknbluesoul: Are you interested in an acting career besides modelling? If so, what movie role would you like to play?
CS: Still undecided. I’d like to do roles that are a little twisted & dark.

@ziamsdiamond: What´s your favorite film?
CS: Silver Linings Playbook.

@Ilovevsanjos: How do you see yourself in 10 years?
CS: Happy & healthy, surrounded by family and kids.

@dearfebri: What’s your favorite quote?
CS: All you need is love.

@Elif_Kutuk: What do you do in order to stay calm before VSFS?
CS: Remind myself that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I fall.

@2bee0rnot2bee: What’s your favorite article of clothing?
CS: My denim shorts.

@Nounster: What do you expect from a guy you’re dating?
CS: To be compassionate and respectful.

@TheLoyaltyArez: Do you speak or understand Dutch?
CS: I can understand Dutch because of Afrikaans.

@PaolaQuiroz9: Are you enjoying the questions?
CS: Of course! I love to hear from you guys.

@Happee4evah: If you could only have one of these, what would you choose… a mascara or a lipstick?

CS: Mascara.

@Elif_Kutuk: Which year you’d love to visit if you had chance?
CS: 1969.

@littleliarsel: What’s your favorite animal?
CS: Dogs.

@kostopoulosam: What do you miss most about South Africa?

CS: Biltong.

@_KaitlinHildy: What’s your favorite Victorias Secret swimwear?
CS: Very Sexy Gold String Bikini.

@tiderauhl: What’s your favorite place you have traveled?
CS: Brazil

Mar 13
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angelcandices: Good morning #bunsofsteel #timetofocus

angelcandices: Good morning #bunsofsteel #timetofocus

P.S. We’ll be updating the gallery’s instagram photos soon. We just need to find time to sort through them all.

Mar 13
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One year ago today I did the scariest thing in the world and opened this amazing site. After all my hard work it was finally going to pay off. I want to thank all thank all of you as well as Candice herself for all the love and support. It truly means so much to us.

Today I’ve decided to launch the newest addition to DivineCandice.com, the first ever fan community dedicated to the most amazing angel ever. We’re super excited about this new adventure because Candice’s fans are truly the most amazing family on earth and we wanted a place where we could be just that as well as make new friends, share the latest on our beautiful goddess, ect. We hope you come join us! CLICK HERE TO JOIN!!

P.S. Thank you all so much for the anniversary love and wish so far. I love you guys! xx

Mar 13
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New Victoria’s Secret photos have been released. Check out our girl in the newest swim, lingerie and vsx sportswear!

Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > Swim
Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > Lingerie
Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > VSX

Mar 13
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We finally have a few shots of Candice looking gorgeous as ever on the set for Victoria’s Secret Spring Beauty shoot. The new looks are by a young 60’s Brigitte Bardot in the as mentioned in the video.

Candids > Behind The Scenes > 2013 > VS Spring Beauty

Mar 13
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Victoria’s Secret has released the new campaign for their “Fabulous” Collection. Candice has photos for the lingerie line, which featured her adorable puppy, Milo, as well as a photo for the fragrance line. Unfortunately she’s not in the commercial with the other angels.

Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > Campaigns > Fabulous Collection
Victoria’s Secret > 2013 > Campaigns > Fabulous Beauty Collection

P.S. Please excuse the ugliness of the gallery. I had to remove the theme to be able to add new photos, apparently the theme we were using was no longer compatible with the new updates. I’m in the process of designing a new one and hope to have up next week.

Mar 13
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South African model, Candice Swanepoel, in Selima Optique’s “Alexandra” frame made in collaboration with photographer Dusan Reljin, and captured by him here. For more info, view the “Alexandra” here.

P.S. We’re currently experiencing issues with adding new albums/photos to the gallery. As soon as we figure it out and fix it all new photos will be added.

Feb 13
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So I wasn’t planning on putting this up until our anniversary (March 10), but I have other plans in store for the big day and to be honest, I couldn’t wait to show off this beautiful new design by my amazing friend Meghan, designer at Melted-Butterfly. I don’t even know what to say except, Thank you Meg!!! This design is a dream come true, sounds a little cheesy, but I never thought I’d ever own my own fansite let alone have one of your original designs on it. I really love it and hope everyone else does too.

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