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Jul 18
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I know this comes too late but I didn’t find a good PDF to do the high quality scans till now.

Candice was the cover girl of the November edition of Vogue Brazil and also the star of the editorial “Beat Acelerado” in which also Anacã had a small feature. In the issue they put an article wrote by Candice herself about her experience in the motherhood.

Mother Nature.

Married to a Brazilian, the top South African Candice Swanepoel became mom to her first child in the country and was accompanied by her family in Vitoria. Here, she writes – in Portuguese fluently – about the emotion of receiving Anacã in a humanized birth in the maternity bath.

I dreamed of having children until I was 25, when I began to feel a very strong desire to be a mother, to care for and to love someone.

When we women reach a certain stage of our existence, the body asks for it: to generate a new life. I’ve been dating Hermann (Nicoli, Brazilian model) since 2005, who I met in Paris when we were both at the beginning of our career. I went to Brazil for the first time the following year and felt in love.

I have had beautiful experiences in the Fathers since I was 17, so we decided to have our first child here. The fact that I spoke Portuguese fluently also helped in the decision – otherwise, it would be very difficult to communicate at this particular moment. My soul and my energy are always at peace when I am in Brazil. I really wanted the birth to be natural, so I concentrated and trained enough so that could happen.

Pregnancy, to me, was something unexplainable, a magical moment. I know is different for each person, but I loved the feeling of the baby stirring in my belly. Until today, I look at my son and try to remember that feeling. When I completed three months of management, I decided to stop working. I wanted to devote my time to everything that lay ahead, to understand what was happening inside me. I started searching to find out how the baby was evolving over the months. I dreamed a lot about him, imagined his face, sang to him, talked to him … Here were the thoughts about childbirth. I was in New York, but I wanted my son to be born in Brazil. It would be close to nature, the sea, the air-
roz and fel *.

After five months of gestation, I arrived in Vitoria, in Espirito Santo, where Hermann’s family lives, and I went to see a doctor. At that moment, I met Dr. Jaqueline Alvarenga. She was calm and affectionate, besides having an energy that left me calm. In Brazil, about 60% of the parties are cesareas. So I knew that I needed to find a team that could really help me with a natural, humanized delivery. Unfortunately, many doctors opt for a cesarean section because normal deliveries can take longer. Of course the cesarean is important, but it is designed for specific situations, to protect the life of the mother in cases of risk or when the baby really needs. In humanized births, one of the common practices is having a doula – women who give the physical and emotional support to the mothers before, during and after the birth of the baby. Mine was Leticia Rios, from the group Gesta Vida of Vitoria. She acorn-panted me through the whole process and taught me exercises and techniques such as, for example, the step-by-step time to give birth, breastfeeding, and everything. I also did pilates and took part in lectures for pregnant women in a program focused on humanized childbirth. The pre-paration has to be physical, but it is also spiritual.

The model with the newborn child lives and make friends with women from lives so different from each other.

It was a place where the group could talk about everything and get support. When the time finally came, I felt ready. Hermann also gave me incredible support and was present at childbirth. The time went by and, my pregnancy had completed 42 weeks. The last month was very dis-comfortable. My belly was huge and I, anxious for the birth, to know it and begin this new phase.

On October 4, 2016, at 2:30 a.m., the contractions will begin. I stood between the shower and the bed, meditating until my doula arrived. At noon I went to the hospital. Anaca was born at 5:30 p.m.

In the hot tub the hot water helped me in the process. It was 15 hours worth every second. He came straight to my brave men.

The pregnancy gave me a strength and a sense of responsibility that made any fear disappear. I knew the pains of contractions would be to bring my son closer to me. Looking at his little face was an expected and intense moment in my life. I was so happy to have felt all that, nature is perfect! We are stronger than we think. That is why today, I wish all women to have a beautiful birth and to mark you. I want to have more children and to give to the world as naturally as I can.


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