I like to send a special thank you to our beautiful angel for answering questions yesterday for #AskAnAngel! I was lucky enough to have her answer me twice…still can’t believe it! Congratulations to all the other fans who were lucky too. If you missed #AskAnAngel, check it out below, exclusively for DivineCandice. It took time to put it together like this, it wasn’t just some copy & paste job. I ask that all fans respect that and credit if you decide to repost. Thank you.

@DivineCandice: Out of all the high fashion designers you’ve walked for which show has been your most favorite?
CS: Chanel.

@ZuleikaAlvarad0: Pink or purple?
CS: Purple.

@Rachelk212: How do you get flawless skin?
CS: Is all about what you eat and getting the right vitamins.

@sellyisabeauty: What are your favorite spa treatments?
CS: Oil head massage, foot massage and body scrub.

@DivineCandice: Who’s the most inspirational person in your life?
CS: My grandmother was, she was a kind, beautiful soul.

@BarabaraArmy: What has ben your favorite shoot ever?
CS: How about 2? Italian Vogue w/ Steven Meisel and Candice does Copenhagen w/ Mario Testino.

@candiceturkey: When you were a child , what was your biggest dream?
CS: I wanted to be a mermaid.

@Lexi_Royy: Favorite magazine to read?
CS: V Mag, Love Mag or any Vogue.

@talishapatel: What’s your essential makeup tip?
CS: Don’t overdo the foundation – keep it looking light & fresh.

@Candy_wings: What’s your favorite book?
CS: Brazil, by John Updike.

@KJamjekian: What’s 3 things you cannot live without?
CS: The sun, the beach and my dogs.

@Blacknbluesoul: Are you interested in an acting career besides modelling? If so, what movie role would you like to play?
CS: Still undecided. I’d like to do roles that are a little twisted & dark.

@ziamsdiamond: What´s your favorite film?
CS: Silver Linings Playbook.

@Ilovevsanjos: How do you see yourself in 10 years?
CS: Happy & healthy, surrounded by family and kids.

@dearfebri: What’s your favorite quote?
CS: All you need is love.

@Elif_Kutuk: What do you do in order to stay calm before VSFS?
CS: Remind myself that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I fall.

@2bee0rnot2bee: What’s your favorite article of clothing?
CS: My denim shorts.

@Nounster: What do you expect from a guy you’re dating?
CS: To be compassionate and respectful.

@TheLoyaltyArez: Do you speak or understand Dutch?
CS: I can understand Dutch because of Afrikaans.

@PaolaQuiroz9: Are you enjoying the questions?
CS: Of course! I love to hear from you guys.

@Happee4evah: If you could only have one of these, what would you choose… a mascara or a lipstick?

CS: Mascara.

@Elif_Kutuk: Which year you’d love to visit if you had chance?
CS: 1969.

@littleliarsel: What’s your favorite animal?
CS: Dogs.

@kostopoulosam: What do you miss most about South Africa?

CS: Biltong.

@_KaitlinHildy: What’s your favorite Victorias Secret swimwear?
CS: Very Sexy Gold String Bikini.

@tiderauhl: What’s your favorite place you have traveled?
CS: Brazil