Candice Swanepoel and Tina Chen Craig speak about their brands and more on Instagram Live.

On June 29, 2022 Candice Swanepoel went live with UBeauty‘s founder, Tina Chen Craig to speak about their brands and answer some fan questions.

Here is the link to watch the live and some highlights from it.

Tina Chen Craig on how she met Candice:

“It was at an event. You were the supermodel and it was your event and you came up to me and said you liked my Chanel bag and whatever I wore, and we just became friends and exchanged our phone numbers.”

Candice on her first impressions on Tina:

“You had your thebagsnob account and I said, who’s this lady? And like, everything you wore, I said «I need it» after seeing you wearing it.

Tina spoke also about Candice being one of her original clients and hosting each other’s launch events:

“She was one of my first original clients, and when she launched Tropic of C and came to Dallas I hosted her event, and when I launched mine in NY she hosted mine. It’s like, I just love my group of female supporting friends.

And remember when I gave you the first sample of your surfacing compound and you were in my car
and you said, let me start with my chest and I’ll move up to my face.”

Candice answers:

“Girl, the glow. I’m like watching your stories. I’m like what is this woman doing, like the products, because me I don’t have a lot of time. So you know, it’s important to have the products that like, really work. And it just makes it more simple.”

On their daily routine:

Candice: “I mean, I really keep it simple. Clone tone moisturize, I’m a psycho with the spf because in Miami, you know it’s really hard to stay out of the sun. And I spent so many years working in the sun, like from sunrise to sunset.

And like, after 30, you really have to start, you know, taking care. And then I use, I mean religiously, I use your resurfacing compound. I feel that really works and helps, you know any coloration.

Yes! I mean there was a time, I was putting that all over my body.”

Tina revealed she’s working on a full body compound only for Candice, extra strength like the arm sculpt.

“Yes so the arm sculpt is totally different, because this like actually tightens the skin.”

Candice on what she eats that she thinks help her skin:

“Like my diet isn’t really that complicated, you know, I have naturally. I’m really skinny, so I have to work hard on eating a lot of protein. Carbs as well, to like, keep a body. Because I feel better when I have, you know, thighs and a butt. So, I basically have to like, drink mass gaining protein shakes.

But, um it’s really for me. I feel better, like with good ingredients. I have more energy.

So, I basically you know eat whatever my babies eat. We have always rice and beans in the house, which is like a very brazilian thing. Typical lunch would be rice beans salad and a protein shake.”

Tina asked Candice if she cooks a lot since she’s always asking for recipes.

“I cook a lot, depends on where I’m in life. To cook I have to be in a very calm space, and it’s kind of a little bit of therapy.

But my dream is to have my own vegetable garden, I have to, like you know, my herbs and I grow arugula and stuff like that in Miami.

So, I like to have things that I’ve seen grow and and I’m feeding my body with things I know where they come from. That’s definitely a big dream of mine, to be able to grow and cook my own produce.”

Tina speaks about one of her trips:

“I was in North Carolina on a farm for seven days, and she had like a grocery store. She had just the freshest kale, and the cauliflower, and broccoli, lettuce, green beans, snap peas and berries, fruits and everything. I was like, oh my god!”

Candice mentions her childhood in a farm in South Africa:

“I grew up on a farm in South Africa, and my mom’s vegetable garden was like, the size of a football field. And, there’s a funny story.

When I would go for sleepovers at friends she would force me to take a basket, like, full of fresh produce. And, as a little girl I used to think it was a embarrassing thing to have to do that. And now, as an adult, I’m like, oh my god, that would be like the dream somebody just showing up with a basket of like, fresh produce from the farm.”

Candice was asked if she could speak Afrikaans:

“I cannot speak afrikaans anymore, I grew, you know, in South Africa, there’s many different languages and you either grow up English or Afrikaans, so half of my family is afrikaans and half is English, and I grew up speaking English at home.

I would speak like basic afrikaans with my Oma and oppa, which is grandfather and grandmother in afrikaans, but I left when I was 15.

And you know, if you never hear the language.
I lost it, most of it.

I think if I lived in South Africa again, I would be able to, because I cup language pretty easily.

Um, I mean, I understand, but I don’t speak anymore. And it’s kind of a big shame to my name, because Swanepoel is the most afrikaans last name that exists.

There’s many Swanepoels by the way, It’s kind of like, the Jones of South Africa. So, when people meet me and if they’re afrikaans, they start speaking afrikaans to me because you know, my last name is Afrikaans. So, sorry, I need to speak it.”

Tina asked Candice what was the inspiration for the designs of Tropic of C.

“I wanted to add some more structured pieces, because initially, I mean I design everything basically for myself. I’m like what do I want to wear this summer, but the demand for different styles and different cuts is. Those are our new structured bras.

It just holds you in and waits the curves for me is like the most important thing, I start with color stories. I mean I’m constantly being inspired by different things and saving inspiration images, and that’s kind of how I start a collection with a vibe and a concept.

And then, you know, I take it to my team. We look at different fabrics and colors, and make a color story that fits with the styles.

I love different patterns and textures because a lot of the suits are just very simple and classic.”

Candice’s beauty tips:

“I kind of have my like trap, and you know your your super hydrator. My favorite primers to use.

I love to have a glow, you know, so it doesn’t look too matted and too cakey, so, I’ll start with the super hydrator, and then I do everything with my hands, because I feel like the warmth of my fingers just makes everything sit. I’m not much nicer.

I kind of mix a foundation depending on my color. If I’ve had sun, if I’m tanned or now I’m trying to stay out of the sun, so I’m a lot older than usual, yeah, very light base.

And then another thing I picked up from you is the clay depot concealers, which are like amazing.

And then I do a little concealer, and I love a little lip tint.

It’s super simple. My routine for Summer it’s about keeping my luggage as small as possible.”

Find out more watching their live on UBeauty‘s Instagram feed or in this blog post by playing the video.