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Continuamos con la celebración de este número de octubre tan especial dedicado a la familia con Candice Swanepoel. En un gran gesto de generosidad al estar acompañada por sus hijos, la modelo sudafricana protagoniza estas tres portadas (quiosco, suscriptores y digital) desde la ciudad de Nueva York en la que posa por primera vez, en exclusiva para Harper’s Bazaar España. ✨ Octubre es un íntimo viaje desde Nueva York a Marbella cargado de imágenes icónicas y relatos a base de tinta del amor más puro celebrando el valor de la FAMILIA por encima de todo. ¿Nos acompañas? Pasen y lean. 🍂🤎#weareFAMILY #BAZAARoctubre Fotografía @david_roemer Estilismo @elizabethsulcer Peluquería Ward (@wallgroupcom) Maquillaje @cgonzalezbeauty Producción @beverah Texto @celcuervo

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Iglesias sisters and model Candice Swanepoel, stars of the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

This month is a tribute to the FAMILY, to the magic that those around us create. An exciting trip from New York to Marbella loaded with iconic images and ink-based tales of purest love. Can you come with us? #weareFAMILY.

For the love of the family. The October issue of Harper’s Bazaar is an ode to the family in all its forms and presentations, both to the people with whom you share blood and to those who have come over the years to stay. Here is our little tribute to the most real and true form of affection. An intimate journey of almost 200 pages loaded with iconic images and ink-based tales of the purest love celebrating the value of FAMILY above all else.

“At Harper’s Bazaar we celebrate the family as a personal language full of fantasies, illusions, values ​​and contradictions. Because fashion, beauty, and culture are. A family like all the others, extraordinarily well-paved and full of exquisite fruits possibilities. It is like the most valuable work of art. With as many versions as styles or personalities: realistic, modernist or even surrealist! “, begins by saying Inmaculada Jiménez , director of Harper’s Bazaar Spain.

“Fiercely influential, impeccably rich and full of the complexity that great treasures entail. It is all a rising value destined for us to take great care in its care. And as a first pampering, these pages dedicated to that nucleus as special, complex and ancestral as diverse and unique, those people who humanize you and are there to make you forget yourself from time to time. Therefore, here is our little tribute to the most real and true form of affection. An intimate journey through the sagas that inspire us, at a time where the emotional is more than opportune “, she adds.

And to illustrate this concept of family, on our October Harper’s Bazaar covers we take an exciting trip from New York to Marbella. On the one hand, on one of the covers that will reach the kiosk we find the sisters Cristina and Victoria Iglesias from their Malaga farm, in what translates as their first pose for an international fashion magazine. Both dressed as Pertegaz , portrayed by Javier Biosca’s lens and under the stylistic baton of Beatriz Moreno de la Cova.

On the second kiosk cover , Candice Swanepoel poses for the first time, exclusively for Harper’s bazaar Spain with her children with New York City as the setting. Dressed in a Balmain cape, a Miu Miu belt and Paris Texas boots, she poses in front of David Roemer’s lens and under the styling of Elizabeth Sulcer.

On the subscriber cover, Candice Swanepoel in pants and bracelet, both by Chanel , and a belt by Saint Laurent BY Anthony Vaccarello.

And also a third exclusively digital cover , the model (hugging her son) wears a wool coat with Prada bead fringes . The South African model, mother of two, stars in some images to remember as she uses her influence to help African women fight AIDS and offer their descendants a better future.

In addition to these fascinating women, we take a tour of the main sagas of fashion, beauty and culture. We enter the heart of one of the main family businesses in international jewelery and bring together the TOUS saga to talk about professionalization, values, present and future.

We also spoke with sisters Lucía and Helena Cuesta ; we brought together a very special tribe thanks to the latest work by Félix Sabroso who has not hesitated to unite Bibiana Fernández, Alaska, Mario Vaquerizo, among others (without a doubt, one of those families who are chosen); we go through the main sagas that have marked history or we speak with the creative idyll formed by Dolce & Gabbana (Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana). If after 35 years working side by side, they don’t consider themselves family … what else is it?

In fashion, everything that will dictate a trend this season; in beauty, the best comeback you could imagine, in this atypical fall, as beauty reaffirms itself as an accurate injection of optimism. And in culture , Viggo Mortensen makes his directorial debut with Falling. And to kick off autumn, we travel to the heart of the purest and most traditional nature with the Irati jungle as the protagonist, that getaway that we are looking forward to doing as soon as we get the chance.

In this new scenario of life full of uncertainty, we make our hearts beat. More than ever. Celebrating the value of family, in all its forms. Welcome to the magazine, welcome to October at Harper’s Bazaar . Can you come with us? Come in and read. #weareFAMILY

*The October issue of Harper’s Bazaar available at your trusted kiosk starting September 21.