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Tropic of C’s new YouTube videos

Tropic of C has uploaded 3 new 4k videos on their YouTube channel featuring Candice Swanepoel wears the smocking praia top in driftwood ($85) and smocking praia bottom in driftwood ($80) and in another video she’s seen wearing the C bralette in surfer stripe ($85) and the C bottom in surfer stripe ($80)

In the third video Amelia Gray is seen wearing the equator top in fishnet ($90) and luna bottom in fishnet ($90)


Screen Captures > Tropic Of C > Spring 2022 > Candice Swanepoel Wearing Tropic Of C

Screen Captures > Tropic Of C > Spring 2022 > Candice Swanepoel In Tropic Of C’s Sustainable Swimwear

Alo x Tropic of C collaboration is live

Alo Yoga and Tropic of C have officially launched their collaboration with the limited edition pieces presented during last week on their websites.

We’ve partnered with Tropic of C on an exclusive, limited-edition collection, with select styles handmade in Northern Peru in collaboration with female artisans. Learn more about the traditional art form of Andean tramado crochet and the modern, game-changing way these artisans work.

Unlike weaving on a cumbersome backstrap loom, Andean tramado crochet can be conveniently worked on just about anywhere. The earliest examples of this tighter, less bulky variant on traditional crochet dates back over 8000 years — to the earliest period of human occupation in the Americas.

Each piece is made by hand by Quechua and Mochica women across 3 regions of Northern PeruPacasmayo, Cajamarca and Huamachuco. Nine individual collectives comprise a team of 120 women, who work in the home or in community centers where they can care for young children and family while generating an income by practicing a traditional art form that’s been passed down from generation to generation.

Working with Tropic of C provides the female artisan collectives with more than just employment — each collective is provided with computer literacy classes, an education on critical production skills that allow them to scale while maintaining size consistency, and guidance on becoming formal organizations, so that these artisans are able to bring their work to craft fairs. Classes in accounting and assistance in opening bank accounts increase economic agency for women at all levels of education.

Meeting increased demand for these stunning designs not only keeps the art form of Andean tramado crochet alive — it’s also elevated the way these textiles are made. Through collaboration and skill sharing, the female artisans have made adaptations that allow for consistent, bulk production of one-of-a-kind textiles — a first of its kind.

The crocheted pieces included in our Alo x Tropic of C capsule collection reflect the values of both brands — to live mindfully, connect with air, land and ocean, and practice humankindness.

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Candice Swanepoel on the Mangaba Productions’ 15th anniversary project.

15 years, 15 celebrities: Producer Mangaba honors artists who are part of his history in a birthday campaign.

With a sensorial concept, series of clips inspire from a distance.

15 years ago Mangaba was born, a collector of national and international cases in the art of producing advertising and publishing films, to the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and music markets.

The anniversary in the middle of a pandemic scenario, encouraged the production company to “celebrate” and honor at a distance, its history of endless passports stamped in a different way.

For this, they have just launched the digital campaign.




Candice Swanepoel as Libra on the CR Fashion Book Calendar

Candice Swanepoel stars as Libra in the new 2020 calendar by CR Fashion Book beneffiting Mothers2Mothers.


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Candice Swanepoel attends the amfAR gala on February 6th

Candice is back! She appeared in the photo call of the amfAR in a dress of the brand Rasario and with a 7 inch haircut by Harry Josh.