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Candice made her debut on Venice before the kickoff of the Film Festival wearing a Etro top. Stay tuned to our social networks for more coverage!


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Animale Brasil posted a interview with Candice in their blog.



South African top Candice Swanepoel is the star of the Espanha Campaign and one of today’s leading international models. In 2010 she became an angel of Victoria’s Secret, and during her career was a cover girl for the world’s largest fashion vehicles.

Here she talks exclusively with Inside Animale about her routine, dreams, motherhood and style. Check out!

1- Your relationship with Brazil began in 2011, when you were invited by Animale to the winter collection parade. Could you tell us about your brand experience since then?

Actually my relationship with Brazil started when I was 17 years old. I came for a vacation and after that I began to wish I was closer to the country. From then on I set aside space on my schedule for jobs in Brazil, finding incredible excuses to return. I am very excited to work with Animale again after so many years. Your collections remain chic as they always were!

2- The carioca lifestyle is desired and known worldwide, and Animale is a carioca brand of national visibility. What do you like most about fashion and lifestyle in Brazil?

When I first arrived in Brazil, before the social media boom, the Brazilian had a strong personal style that was only found here. I always took beautiful pieces back to the US and everyone wondered where they were from. The Brazilian style is easy but chic. The pieces fit the local lifestyle. These are items to wear on the beach or to go dancing. Comfortable but sophisticated. I am constantly inspired by Brazilian culture.

3- How do you reconcile your schedule with the catwalk, campaigns and trips? How can you set aside time for yourself?

In recent years it has been very difficult to get time for me with two babies, a business, and a career to run, but it all comes down to planning. I need to know what my appointments are in advance to schedule everything and get organized.

4- If you could meet Candice, 15, who was a normal girl with big dreams, what would be her advice?

I’d tell her to take a break and not be so hard on herself. And I would also say that she is strong, beautiful and can do everything she dreams of.

Finally, to make us curious, what was your last fashion purchase?

Simple white t-shirts. It’s my uniform: jeans and white shirt.

Translated by DivineCandice.

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Candice wears Tropic of C’s the C in zebra print. The one piece is priced $150 and avalaible for pre order at Moda Operandi.


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Moda Operandi has released some pieces of the Resort 2020 collection of Tropic of C shoot in Kenya by Jerome Duran for pre order.

Click here to pre order.

Here is the list of pieces and prices.

Sana Strapless Stripe Bikini Top
$90 ($45 Deposit)

Curve Printed Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

South Pacific Printed Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

South Pacific Printed Bikini Top
$90 ($45 Deposit)

Vibe High-Rise Waist Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Ajuma Bustier Bikini Top
$90 ($45 Deposit)

Nala Off-The-Shoulder Swimsuit
$150 ($75 Deposit)

The C Python Swimsuit
$150 ($75 Deposit)

The C Printed Swimsuit
$150 ($75 Deposit)

Lira Ring Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Lira Ring Detail Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Praia Zebra Print Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Zebra Print Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Zebra Print Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Praia Zebra Print Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Praia Side Tie Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Triangle Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Sana Side Knot Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Sana Twisted Bandeau Top
$90 ($45 Deposit)

Savanna Cutout Ruched Swimsuit
$150 ($75 Deposit)

Praia Printed Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Printed Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Printed Triangle Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Praia Printed Triangle Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)


As far as swimwear goes, Tropic of C is about as sexy as it gets. Having modeled swim for over 10 years, Candice Swanepoel is more than well-versed in the cuts and fits that make for a flattering (and comfortable) swimsuit. Her latest lineup features animal prints (now trending!), detachable halter straps and off-the-shoulder silhouettes, as well as demi-underwire corsets for support. Plus, majority of her styles is cut in her now-signature ECONYL® fabric, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from materials like fishing nets.



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A new video and new photos of Candice’s campaign for Animale Brasil have been released by Glamour, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar Brasil with three new interviews.

Vogue’s Interview:

Candice Swanepoel says, “I hope one day I’ll have the freedom to live in Brazil again.”

Passing through Brazil, the model talked about motherhood and her relation with her body.

Candice Swanepoel was in Brazil for the photo shoot, and we took the opportunity to chat with the model and entrepreneur, who runs the Tropic of C beachwear brand and is passionate about Brazil. Check it out below.

How is your life? We noticed that you are in Brazil frequently, do you still live here?

I’m fine, but very busy juggling between my modeling career, my brand (the bikini brand Tropic of C) and striving to be the best mother possible. I moved to New York so I could work and not be so far away from my kids. Most of my work is there so for now that’s what works. I hope one day to have the freedom to live in Brazil again.

We always see you on the catwalks and photographing editorials, how would you describe your relationship with your body?

My body has undergone many changes in the last three years, since I had my two children. But it’s my temple. He gave me my most precious gifts. I may have some extra stretch marks, and not have the belly I had before, but I love my body. He gave me a lot.

You have a successful career as a model. What are some of your future plans? Do you plan to continue modeling?

I have many plans that are always evolving. Modeling has given me the opportunity to do so much, while I’m loving to do it I’ll continue. At the moment I’m realizing myself taking care of all aspects of Tropic of C, from style to visual communication. My goal is to have a balance between professional and personal life. And be happy!

Do you have any tips on the beauty of the moment?

I’m loving using serums instead of moisturizers now that it’s summer in the northern hemisphere. It’s been very hot in New York and they’re not that greasy on the skin.

What are some of the summer trends you can’t wait to use?

The new Tropic of C resort collection! I want to use everything.

How has motherhood changed your outlook on life?

Being a mom has changed my perspective on everything. You redefine your priorities and what you want your kids to see and learn. My priority in life is them, everything else I fit in from that.

You seem to have a genuine connection with Brazil, what do you love most here?

My connection to Brazil is old, since I was 17 years old in fact, so I grew up here partially. I left South Africa when I was 15, many of my memories of adult life are here. Brazil is amazing and it’s always hard to leave. I feel close to nature and my essence when I am here. The music, the food, the beaches and the people are full of life!

Glamour Brasil’s interview:

Candice Swanepoel returns as the face of the new Animale campaign.

The South African top is the star of the brand’s summer campaign!

Fashion news: Candice Swanepoel returns as the face of the new Animale campaign. The South African top posed intensely, poetically and confidently for the 2020 summer collection of the carioca brand. The starting point of the pieces was art, surrealism and the points and counterpoints from all over Spain, passing through cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

In an exclusive interview with Glamour Brasil, Candice tells a little about her relationship with fashion and being a woman today.

Check it out:

What are the essential pieces in your wardrobe?

My essential pieces are jeans of various colors (black, white and blue), basic white T-shirt, a black dress for the night, classic heel and sneakers. I also like different jewellery, to make the looks more personalized.

Who are your greatest inspirations when it comes to dressing?

I always get inspired by the 90’s, lots of jeans and some fun exaggerations, and vintage aesthetics.

If you could only choose one piece of clothing to wear every day, what would it be?

Denim! You can tie them in different ways, wear them when it’s sunny and hot, but also in the cold with pantyhose and knitwear. A yoke can turn into a skirt, a top, a dress… There are many possibilities! It’s very versatile.

What were the biggest life lessons you learned in your entire career as a model?

The basic lessons that every model should probably learn with his career: treat everyone with respect and equality.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman is very wonderful. To be a woman is to be strong and, at the same time, delicate. We represent affection and love in the world. Sister, mother, daughter, wife, grandmother… To be all this we need a special affection that only we have. Woman generates life! It is something magical. When I was pregnant, I felt even more connected to the universe.

Harper’s Bazaar Brasil:


The model goes back to parade after the second pregnancy and is also an Animale advertising girl.

Candice Swanepoel is back! The model born in South Africa also has a Brazilian soul: She is a fan of the beaches of Espírito Santo. Parents of the boy Anacan Swanepoel Nicoli, the family grew in June 2018, when the boy Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli was born.

Recently, the top returned to the catwalks and also to the commercial work, photographing shooting for the brand Animale. Between one click and another, we talked to her about pregnancy, fashion and much more. Read it in full:

How did it feel to go back to parading after the pregnancy?

It was amazing! I was a little anxious because I was “coming back”, and I already knew I was pregnant again, so opening the parade keeping this little secret was very special. It’s really good and important to feel sexy again after having kids.

Now that you have two children, what has changed in your routine, and what remains the same?

Everything has changed! My children are my priority, and everything fits after them. I have to be much more organized and just do what’s really worth doing. What remains the same is…nothing! Laughter.

And what has changed in your exercise routine after pregnancy? What about the diet?

Now that my children are small and need me a lot, I don’t dedicate so much time to the gym, but I’m gradually reconciling. Caring for children requires a lot of physical effort. On diet, I eat what my babies eat, so it’s good. Proteins, rice, beans, vegetables and lots of fruit. I have to be an example for them.

What’s your relationship with Animale fashion?

I’ve worked with Animale, one of my first works in Brazil. It’s always very nice and the clothes are beautiful and I like to be part of the creation of the photos.

What are the pieces that you can’t miss for your summer bag?

The new pieces from my collection of bikinis, jeans shorts, skirts (to dance forró!) and a lot of cloths that I use as a yoke, skirt, or to put on my head.

Vogue interview.

Glamour Brasil interview.

Harper’s Bazaar Brasil interview.


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Victoria’s Secret has released their fall collection 2019, which supposes the comeback of our angel to the brand.


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Vogue Czech released a new interview with Candice talking about motherhood, Tropic of C and more during the meet and greet in Miami last month.

Candice Swanepoel: “I take my mother’s role very seriously.”

Candice Swanepoel, a South African supermodel, was one of the stars of the Miami Swim Fashion Week SS 2020, where she presented her sustainable Tropic of C swimsuit collection. at the same time, she can maintain the flawless visage of the angel Victoria’s Secret.

I’m terribly curious about your lifestyle, how do you manage to maintain such a great figure, wrinkle-free skin, glowing skin, what do you eat?

My lifestyle has changed since I have children, but I’ve been trying to exercise regularly, eating a healthy, balanced diet. I actually eat everything I give to children. I grew up on a farm in South Africa and spent a lot of time in Brazil, so my kids eat vegetables, fish, rice, beans and we eat together. I also like to prepare my beauty smoothies with collagen, coconut oil, protein powder. They feed me and they are healthy.

What is your beauty routine?

I love sheet masks. I often get moisturizers at home if I don’t have time to go to the cosmetician. It is very important for me to clean my skin well, as a model I often have makeup on the show, so make-up removal is essential. I constantly use SPF 45 because I like the sun. I love life on the beach, but I avoid tanning my face.

How is your skin care different on the days you prepare for a show or photo shoot?

It’s not that much difference, I just have to pay attention to the perfect timing. A few weeks before the show, I use cleansing masks and go to a cosmetic deep cleanser because the skin needs time to soothe. I do intensive hydration a week before the event, I apply sera with more vitamin C and LED therapy. But I truly believe that the most important thing is to maintain your inner health all year round – to drink plenty of water, eat healthy and sleep.

Do you sleep enough if you have a baby and a toddler at home?

I’m not going to sleep so much with them, especially when my older three-year-old brings some cold out of kindergarten every few weeks. It wakes up much more, but I got used to it. I sleep whenever I can.

How did you get back in shape after two pregnancies you showed off for Victoria’s Secret? Do you have a tip?

There is something different about everyone. You have to follow how your body works. I have a tendency to natural slenderness, actually I’ve always had to try to maintain muscle mass, losing weight when I’m stressed. Of course I had to practice. However, I have never been the type who practices every day. Muscles need to rest some day between exercise, while I like the natural curves and shape of the female body.

Do you exercise more when going to a show or swimsuit photo shoot?

Before I had children, I went to the gym regularly 3 times a week. Now I’m exhausted at the end of the day. I try to practice for thirty minutes every third to fourth day. As a mother, I have an active life, and the fact that I constantly run for children keeps me in shape.

What made you decide to design a swimsuit?

It has attracted me since childhood. My mother used to be a dance teacher and she did dance shows, we always had some nylons left and I made my own bikinis out of them. As a model, I showed a lot of swimsuits and often wondered how to improve them. When I was pregnant, I felt it was time to start my own brand. And now we have been here for almost three years!

What is a typical customer of your Tropic of C brand?

Is a chic, strong personality, sophisticated, travels a lot, has a free spirit and is connected with nature. Therefore, in our photos you rarely see the pools, we shoot in nature.

What does the creative design process look like?

I love the creative process! I like dreaming about colors, cut, how the individual pieces will look. I come up with inspiration and then we pick fabrics. We will finish the first prototype directly on me, put it on and play with the fabric according to my original vision. I also like taking photos. Everything from site selection to final details.
Tell us more about the latest collections.

We are preparing two collections per year, resort and spring / summer. Being from South Africa, I am inspired by ethnic cultures. In the last collection we have a number of earthy colors, in the resort line you can find animal motifs and we took pictures in Kenya. We also have a signature collection in black and white. I like the silhouette, which is a bit vintage, the clothes are inspired by the style of the 50s or 70s, but I gave it a modern accent. I collect inspiration on the go. And because I still travel a lot, I like universal pieces. Even today I wear a swimsuit, which I wear as a top, with a skirt.

You are known for ecological thinking, is this attitude reflected in collections?

Sustainability has been crucial to me since I started working on my swimsuit collection. I would never let my business flood the planet with another batch of plastics. We use a lot of Econyl (recycled nylon from discarded fishing nets). Our goal is 100% material sustainability, so far we are at 70%. We also make sure that our packaging materials are simple and biodegradable.

I am amazed that in addition to all your work, you are also involved in humanitarian work.

At some point in my career as a model, I felt I wanted to give something, help somehow. I had the opportunity to visit the Mothers to Mothers organization and heard a lot of moving stories of women infected with HIV that touched me even more after I became a mother myself. Most of these women find out during pregnancy that they have AIDS, their families reject them, and they remain without help. Mothers to Mothers allows them not to pass the disease on to their children. The mother feels unrepeatable when she knows that her baby will have a healthy life. With Tropic of C we try to do as much as possible for them, but years ago I created a jeans collection where some of the proceeds went to support this organization.

How do you manage to link all your activities to motherhood?

I am lucky to work with so many wonderful people who fully understand the needs of the family. Also, creating my own brand allows me to better plan my working time. Of course I also have to say no to a lot of amazing offers. Time with young children will never come back and I take the role of mother very seriously. During one project, I returned twice a week from Europe to New York just to see the children for the day. I always wanted my family very much, it took a while to get pregnant, and I love the role of mother. That’s why I enjoy motherhood, including all the work around the children.

Maxim magazine declared you the most attractive woman of the year a few years ago. What do you think when reading such articles or seeing yourself at the Victoria’s Secret show in a diamond bra?

I look at myself as my professional self, I don’t feel that way inside. This is an external evaluation, it is nice to hear, but I know my real self. I’m a normal girl at home, I don’t look like that when I change diapers for children or wipe my nose.

What is the hardest thing about modeling?

Modeling is a pretty lonely way of life. This was far more than before the advent of social media. I waited hours for the show and my only companion was a book. Social media has changed a lot. You can always be connected with your family, your friends. People often ask me how I got to the top. But it is all the result of hard work. The toil that never ends.

What would you advise the aspiring models?

Try to be yours, find and work on your style and personality. Stick to your individuality rather than trying to be like the other girls who are flying on Instagram, otherwise you’ll be lost in a million others.

Vogue Czech