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Candice Swanepoel To Open Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show In The Royal Fantasy Bra

Candice Will Be Launching The Royal Fantasy Bra Tomorrow!

So after a few days of confusion and hearing about this event, without any real actual source I am pleased to tell you that Candice will in fact be launching her Royal Fantasy Bra tomorrow at the Harald Square Victoria’s Secret store in New York! Be sure you’re registered at our forum for live photos as they come in!

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What Would Candice Swanepoel Do With $10 Million?


Candice Swanepoel , a model parades this year 10 million bra from Victoria’s Secret is the SPFW today! She is the star of the show and we took advantage of the Forum to talk with Brazil on top – a great addition to speaking Portuguese , it always comes back here because her boyfriend is Brazilian ! Look :

Which do you think is the best beach in Brazil ?
In Rio , I like Ipanema . Bahia has a lot of beautiful beaches , like all !

And the best place to relax ?
Ai , Bahia too!

What better place to party ?
In the woods ! But what I really like is party day at the beach .

What is your favorite food here ?
Barbecue, crab cakes, pie … I like everything !

The best place for dating ?
At home! I ‘m always traveling and meeting places , so for me to stay at home is a luxury .

And the best place to go with family ?
Ah , I like to go back to South Africa , right ?

And what’s in Brazil have to remind you of South Africa ?
That’s why I love the Bahia because there is a bit of African culture that resembles the place where I grew up . We also eat a lot of meat and people are very relaxed , like the quiet life , a family .

You tell us : what would you do with $ 10 million ?
Uuuh ! Would keep and give some pros dogs , some for Africa, with the rest going to live my life hidden in the woods .

Where ?
I’m not telling ! ( Laughs )

source: msn.lilianpacce.com.br

She is ours: The 9 Tokens of Love; Candice Swanepoel by Vogue Brazil


1. Candice Swanepoel speaks Portuguese. And he speaks well. It was the Portuguese that the South African supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel – in São Paulo to parade exclusively for the Forum during this winter edition 2014 SPFW – answered questions from Vogue. Our conversation began in Bahia, one of her favorite places “in the world”, and finished in São Paulo, but always maintaining the same subject: his passion for Brazil. Below, the evidence of his love.

2. She has a house in Brazil. Back in the Holy Spirit. “It was very difficult for me to come here and then back to New York. Look, I do not love living in the city, grew up on a farm and is the proximity to nature shot my energy and inspiration.’s Bad work all the time and not be here, but I put in my head that it would be working hard to have the possibility of one day living here. ”

3. She only buys bikinis in Brazil. “Even the small shops, these places have good bikinis. You go shopping for clothes for gym here is good and bikinis; has more to do with the material than with the brand. Culture beach here is so that people know what works, “he said. And what works for her? “I like small bikinis, involving the body perfectly.” If she embraces the idea of Brazilian beachwear time with, for example, modeling a thong? “I have some, yes. Use in specific places, as it is not across the beach that leads to use. If I use one of these in Miami … [laughs]. I found an article once that said, ‘Do Candice Swanepoel someday will find a bikini that suits her? ‘[much laughter].

4 . She has a relationship with the body that is very Brazilian . ” In Brazil , you see Brazilian women ‘ hot ‘ , voluptuous . I feel very comfortable with my body . Obviously, working in lingerie all the time forced me feel like that.” And what is the obsession with the Brazilians call ” negative belly ” ? ” Oh my god . I hate it . ‘ Belly negative ‘ , argh ! Not like this thing , it ‘s cool that girls feel that they need to have it . This can be somewhat healthy , and that’s not what I want . I posted a photo of mine belly when I was training for the parade Vtoria ‘s Secret show and – let me show you [ stands up and shows her belly ] … If I do so, look [ contracts ] , the lateral muscles go forward , and it seems that there belly gets more back. need to post a picture with positive belly … [ laughs ] .

5 . She wants to have her children in Brazil . ” I already feel married and now I think about having kids in a few years . Want them born in Brazil , I do not know exactly where , maybe in Victoria , as my husband , or somewhere else . But I want everything to happen naturally, without hurry . ”

6 . She twists a team and loves the Brazilian Neymar . ” I like football and root for a team in Brazil, but do not ask me which , if I say half of Brazil will hate me ,” he said . I do not watch much football matches , but like Neymar . I follow the news about Brazil and saw how he evolved a few years back . ”

7 . She accesses daily sites in Brazil . ” Even when I’m in New York , Brazilians access some websites to know what happens in the country I read about fashion , sports, politics … AMuitas I see the news on Twitter , many of my followers are Brazilian . Moreover , it is good I train for the grammar of the Portuguese language . ”

8 . She loves Brazilian food . Feijoada , and meat pie with streusel are among their favorites. And she says that even risk cook some dishes that are typical here . An example ? “I make a good vinaigrette ,” he confessed .

9 . She knows more cities of the country than many Brazilians . ” Victory , Belo Horizonte , São Paulo , Rio de Janeiro , Fortaleza , Conceição da Barra , Itaúnas . ‘m A gringa , but I was raised here since 17 . Was the only place in the world that came three or four times a year . People are shocked at how much I know , it ‘s on me ( … ) . I adopted this country , it was very natural for me . ‘ll always have African roots and Brazilian Heart ” .

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source: vogue.globo.com

Candice Swanepoel Arrives in São Paulo for Fashion Week


Candice Swanepoel landed at Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo, on the afternoon of Monday (28). The top, which is one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret, came to the country to participate in the parade of the Forum, which takes place next Wednesday (30) during the SPFW.

Upon arrival in Brazil, Candice wore sneakers, jeans, leather jacket, hat, sunglasses and a T-shirt with the print “São Paulo”. This is not the first time the top comes to SPFW: in 2012, she climbed to the catwalk for Colcci in São Paulo.

Terra transmits parades SPFW
Terra, the largest Latin American digital media, broadcasts live and exclusive to the web parades winter collection 2014 São Paulo Fashion Week, between October 28 and November 1. Transmissions take place in partnership with the FFW, the Group Luminosity and responsible for major fashion events in Brazil. (source: moda.terra.com.br)

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Houston Are You Ready? Candice is coming to you tomorrow!


We found out tonight that Candice will be making an apperance on Fox 26 Houston tomorrow morning, to complete her already full schedule for tomorrow. You’ll have the chance to meet our angel from Noon to 8pm at the following times & locations below.

Noon-1 p.m. Houston Galleria, 5085 Westheimer Rd.
4-5 p.m. Baybrook Mall, 500 Baybrook Mall
7-8 p.m. The Woodlands Mall, 1202 Lake Woodlands Dr.

Candice will also be making an appearance on the official Victoria’s Secret Sport twitter (@VSSportOfficial) tomorrow night at 9pm est to answer your questions until 9:30pm! So get those questions ready. We hope we can get Candice to answer a few more of ours.

Our Angel, Candice Swanepoel, Will Wear The 2013 Fantasy Bra Worth $10 Million!


What would be more nerve-wracking: Showcasing your cleavage in $10 million of jewels on national TV, or following in the footsteps of major supermodels like Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrósio, who have all done it before you? Luckily, we’ll never have to find out — but Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel will when she hits the catwalk for this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Though the model is just the latest to have the honor of wearing the line’s annual “Fantasy Bra” creation, she will be wearing one of the most expensive ever made — thanks in part to the enormous ruby dangling from the center panel.

“They had to mold my body to be able to make [the bra], and I was really excited,” Swanepoel tells PEOPLE. “I tried to imagine after they’d done the mold, how would they make it, how it would look. My imagination didn’t do it justice. My favorite part is this beautiful 52-carat pear-shaped ruby. Every part of it is exquisite.”

Jeweler Mouawad hand-set more than 4,200 precious stones (including rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires) in 18-karat gold to create the fantasy bra and matching belt. “I’ve never worn anything this pricey, and we have to put gloves on when we put it on,” Swanepoel shares. “It’s kind of a big ordeal. The bra comes with two bodyguards and we have to handle it with a lot of care!”

The South African supermodel says that while it wasn’t hard for her to keep her big announcement under wraps (“I want it to be a big surprise!” she says), it will be hard to keep her cool when walking in the show. “Definitely being the Fantasy Bra model is more nerve-wracking [than shooting swim] because it’s a one-time thing,” she says. “Walking around wearing $10 million does seem to make me a little bit nervous.”

What do you think of this year’s bra? Will you be tuning in Dec. 10 to see it in action?

Candice Swanepoel to be in Houston for Victoria’s Secret Sport Event

Angel Candice is coming to Houston, TX! Come visit her at Houston Galleria, Baybrook Mall, and The Woodlands Mall!

Noon-1 p.m. Houston Galleria, 5085 Westheimer Rd.
4-5 p.m. Baybrook Mall, 500 Baybrook Mall
7-8 p.m. The Woodlands Mall, 1202 Lake Woodlands Dr.

Come celebrate the World’s Best Sport Bras (they’re in ALL VS stores now!) and get your photo taken with Candice. Instantly share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with on-site uploading! #VSSport #VSWorldsBest

Access the VIP line when you buy a Victoria’s Secret Sport bra. Prize giveaways, live DJ, plus Angel VIP & Forever Cardholders get triple points on Angel Card purchases!**

*One photo per customer. VIP access valid only with purchase. Line spaces limited; first come, first served.
**Triple points offer valid during the event, Oct. 23, 2013, on all purchases when you use your Angel VIP or Forever card. Points will be reflected on your monthly billing statement within 3-6 weeks. Your account must be in good standing to receive rewards. The Angel Reward program is provided by Victoria’s Secret and may be changed or discontinued at any time.

Candice Swanepoel Pulling Power

In a house in a private residential compound about half an hour up the coast from Salvador in northern Brazil , there is a photo shoot in full swing. The house, an all-white minimalist construction, is luxurious in its simplicity. It is open plan, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in an abundance of light, and long sheer curtains that billow in the Bahian breeze. A security guard patrols the shoreline on a scooter, keeping watch for those who don’t belong in this gated community – perhaps making a few more trips than usual today.

Out on the pool deck, 20ft from the crashing waves of the Atlantic, a DJ is playing Brazilian beats, energising the crew on this two-day shoot for a luxury accessories brand whose fans include Kate Moss and Jessica Alba. Candice Swanepoel is hard at work, demonstrating just why she is in the Forbes list of the highest-earning models, having made more than $3 million last year. ‘The energy in Bahia is so strong,’ she says. ‘It’s really going to show in the pictures.’

Swanepoel is one of the elite. Along with Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima, she hit the modelling jackpot when she was named a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2010. This group of women epitomise the ultimate in beauty, and thanks to the brand’s now legendary catwalk shows, the models have become household names. ‘Victoria’s Secret is like a family,’ Swanepoel says. ‘Travelling as a young model can be tiring and lonely, so thank God they brought me into their family.’

It is all a long way from her childhood on a dairy and beef farm in Mooi River, a small town two hours from Durban in South Africa . At 15 she was scouted while shopping at a flea market with her mother, and after their initial scepticism Swanepoel signed to an agency and was almost immediately sent to Europe. ‘I had no fear of anything, I didn’t think twice,’ she says. ‘I felt so natural in front of the camera. As soon as it hits me I become a character.’ And that’s what Swanepoel is doing today as she models in countless set-ups, selling expensive bags for all she’s worth.

So far, so expected on a glamorous shoot. But while Swanepoel may be doing her job as on any other day, this is no ordinary campaign. She’s working for nothing; the location is on loan from a friend of a friend; the caterer is the girlfriend of one of the bag brand’s founders; the stylist, a Brazilian designer called Vitorino Campos, came on board at the last minute for no fee; and the expensive, luxury bags she is modelling are actually made from can ring pulls. The bags are by the company Bottletop, and they were made in a very different part of the country.

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Candice Swanepoel Arrives in South Africa for Woolworths Campaign


Back in July I got a tip from a source that Candice was possibly going to shoot a campaign in her at home in South Africa. I kept quite about this, because my source said she was still thinking about it and nothing was confirmed yet! Today I’m so happy to announce that it is confirmed and she’s in South Africa to shoot for Woolworths South Africa over the next few days. Stay with us as we keep you updated on this campaign and hopefully get a behind the scenes sneak peek for you.

P.S. Check out this heartwarming photos of Candice reuniting with her mother at the Cape Town airport. ♥

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