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Candice Swanepoel on the cover of Puss Puss Magazine

Candice Swanepoel shared on Instagram her new cover for the issue 18 of Puss Puss Magazine.

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We’re living through exciting but turbulent times: technology is developing faster than ever and we’re increasingly experiencing life through our screens, all while being bombarded with unrealistic perfection on social media, deepfakes and AI-generated content where we can’t even tell the difference between the real and fake any more. Of course, being a fashion magazine, we create fantasy worlds and a brief escape from reality, but some things are impossible to replace with digital versions: real-life human interaction, touch and taste, to name a few things. This brave new world is something we will have to navigate for years to come and somehow find a balance when the real and fake collide. Welcome to issue 18 of PUSS PUSS – The Reality Check issue!

With 368 pages and 12 covers the issue is our biggest to date, full of beautiful photography and talent!

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Creative director: Maria Joudina
Photographer: Heather Hazzan
Stylist: Heather Mary Jackson
Fashion: Zadig Voltaire
Makeup: Chihoo Mae
Hair: Junya Nakashima

Candice Swanepoel talks about Tropic of C for Enthusiast Report


In the dynamic world where fashion meets business acumen, few stories shine as brightly as that of Candice Swanepoel. From gracing the world’s most coveted runways to charting a remarkable trajectory as a savvy entrepreneur, Swanepoel’s evolution resonates as an inspiring testament to the power of unwavering passion and relentless determination. The story of Candice is one of an extraordinary journey where a supermodel dared to redefine success, transitioning seamlessly from the glamorous world of fashion to the challenging realm of entrepreneurship. Swanepoel’s remarkable voyage underscores the age-old adage that dreams are achievable through dedication, showcasing the embodiment of aspiration turned into remarkable reality.

Candice, you have a swimwear brand, correct?

Yes! It’s called Tropic of C, and we launched it five years ago! It’s a sustainable lifestyle brand, which I dreamt up about seven years ago. It’s been such a joy to take on this new role in my life.

Tell me a little about the brand.

I’ve been modeling for about 20 years and was mostly known for Victoria’s Secret Swimwear. Because of this, it felt the most organic to start my business within this space. Victoria’s Secret had stopped doing swim, so, I thought, “okay, now’s the time.” We’ve since expanded into other categories, and my dream is to continue growing. It’s a continuation of my legacy that I built for 20 years. I think about everything I’ve sacrificed to get to where I am now. I was never going to put out a product I wasn’t proud of or that I didn’t know where it was coming from and how it was made. The sustainability aspect was also very important to me. When we started, sustainability and swimwear didn’t coexist. Many other companies have since jumped on the sustainability bandwagon. It’s kind of now becoming the norm. I feel proud that we were one of the pioneers in that category.

Have you always wanted to go into business?

I never thought I’d start my own business. I think people in the fashion industry don’t know how political and business-minded you must be to be successful. I’ve learned a lot from that experience. Tropic of C was born from my desire to have a creative outlet to share everything I’ve learned over the years. I want it to cater to women like me that are multifaceted. I’m a mother; I’m in fashion; I’m a businesswoman. It’s for the woman that wants to be chic, on the go, and practical.

Why the name Tropic of C?

I didn’t want to directly connect the brand to my name because I wanted it to be its own entity. My vision for Tropic of C was that you are always transported to a place with an eternal summer when you wear it. I’m a very curious person, so I love to travel to amazing places and discover new cultures. Tropic of C became more of a place than a brand in my mind.

Do you feel that you’re living the American dream now with your business and with your career? Is it everything you expected?

I don’t love the term American Dream because anyone can create their own dream wherever they are. I will say that the United States has this entrepreneurial mindset that allows people to really lean into their vision, no matter how crazy an idea may be or how hard it might be to build it. I think there’s so many people from all over the world that come here for that exact reason—no matter the industry. It’s this melting pot of talent, which I think is what enables the American dream to happen.

What has been your biggest hurdle in business that you’ve had to overcome?

I’ve had to better understand and learn my power and strengths but also admit when I don’t know and need to ask for guidance.

So, what’s your superpower then?

I’d say it’s not leading with dollar signs. Tropic of C has never been about a pretty picture or selling product. That’s never been my motivation to start a company. Instead, the support has grown organically through the community and the fans over the years, which in turn has created something so special for this brand. It resonates with them in a different way because I like to create this emotion through imagery and take them on a journey.

How involved are you on the day to day with Tropic of C?

I’m very involved in all the aspects of the business. For me, it’s important to always know what’s happening. I love to evolve and learn, which was one of the driving forces as well for starting this company. When I first launched, maybe I wasn’t an expert, but I knew I could become one. I’ve been fortunate to be steered in the right direction and have surrounded myself with an A team of professionals who are experts in their specific roles.

What advice would you give to young women and men wanting to get into business or fashion? What advice would you give them for them to reach their dreams?

Starting a business is not for everyone. I would say believe in your idea and mission relentlessly and have a reason for your business. My reason to start Tropic of C was never driven by fame or making money, and I think people see the passion is there. They feel how much I believe in what I’m doing, and how happy it makes me to see my community enjoying the product.

Where do you see Tropic of C in the next three to five years?

I would love to see Tropic of C really establish itself in the lifestyle area by expanding into more categories such as motherhood and clean beauty. Above all, I hope to continue growing our community and being able to reach these women that I get such beautiful reactions from.

What is the legacy that you’d like to leave behind on this planet?

I want people to remember me as somebody that cared about humanity and the planet. Someone that was always kind and that was always hard working. Hopefully I’ve influenced people to be better in whatever they’re doing. I’m not changing the world with my business, but I’m inspiring other businesses to be better. I’m inspiring people to be more conscious of what they’re buying. I’m inspiring my children to be hard workers and to go after their dreams. That’s my legacy.



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Victoria’s Secret launches the new “My Wings, My Way” collection ahead of the VS Tour 2023
Candice Swanepoel at the Steven Miesel Zara cocktail event on September 8, 2023 in New York, New York. 
Candice Swanepoel at the Victoria’s Secret Tour Pink Carpet


Public Appearances > 2023 > September 06;- Candice Swanepoel attends the Victoria’s Secret Tour Pink Carpet

Tropic of C launches new easy eco dressing clothing collection

Find the perfect balance between style and ease. Introducing easy eco dressing.

8 easy pieces knitted in LENZINGTM ECOVERO™M branded viscose fiber.

It has 50% less water impact, is biodegradable and compostable.

Shop now.


In In the mood for something new? ‘ready to wear’ toc? We got to work with this amazing team to bring our new “easy eco dressing” to life. launching tomorrow 8.11.23 Photographer @yuliagorbachenko Stylist @sandyarmeni Hair #ShingoShibata Makeup @chihoomae Model @Candice #comingsoon #easyecodressing #sustainablefashion #tropicofC

♬ original sound – Tropic of C

Tropic of C > Collections > Easy Eco Dressing

Candice Swanepoel stars in the new Victoria’s Secret Icon Collection

The campaign celebrates the collection’s bold, luxe styles alongside dynamic women – from the return of brand icons to new trailblazing talent.

Victoria’s Secret announced the debut of The Icon by Victoria’s Secret, a new collection of bras, panties and lingerie that celebrate the shape of you. Centered around the new Icon by Victoria’s Secret Push-Up Demi Bra, the campaign features megawatt talent including Adut Akech, Hailey Bieber, Paloma Elsesser, Sui He and Emily Ratajkowski, as well as the return of Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima, and Candice Swanepoel.

Lensed by acclaimed photographer Mikael Jansson and styled by Camilla Nickerson, the campaign features silhouetted imagery that captures the power of each woman in the cast. Select talent included in the campaign will also be featured in The Tour, the brand’s reimagined fashion show that will center on emerging global creatives, premiering this fall.

“We are so excited to be launching The Icon by Victoria’s Secret collection. The collection was made to enhance one’s natural shape while staying true to the supportive and seamless look that we love. It’s an exciting, elevated collection to add to your wardrobe, while reinforcing that we are all icons” said Janie Schaffer, Chief Design Officer at Victoria’s Secret.

The collection includes the Icon by Victoria’s Secret Push-Up Demi Bra which features a first of its kind lifting and shaping technology that is customized to enhance the wearer’s natural shape. With an all over lace that disappears under clothes, the bra also features light push-up padding, a smoothing wing and fully adjustable and convertible straps. The full collection, that includes panties, slips and robes featuring the brand’s classic logo design, starts at $18.50 for panties, $54.95 for bras and $34.95 for lingerie, with sizes ranging from 32A-44DDD, XS-XXL. The Icon Collection was made to be your new signature style.

To shop The Icon collection early, visit and register to become a member of Victoria’s Secret Collective Loyalty Program. The collection will officially become available in retail locations nationwide on Thursday, August 10.

The collection will also be available in international retail locations and online, launch dates per region to be announced.
Bra Sizing
Available in 32A-44DDD.
Product Highlights
● Light push-up padding
● One-piece construction for a seamless look
● Smoothing wing (no digging, nearly invisible under clothes)
● Featuring our allover signature logo lace
● Fully adjustable and convertible straps
Our latest and greatest style enhances your natural shape while providing a customized lift.
Featuring allover lace with our classic logo, plus a plunge neckline and smoothing sides.

Campaign Talent
Adut Akech
Hailey Bieber
Gisele Bundchen
Naomi Campbell
Paloma Elsesser
Sui He
Adriana Lima
Emily Ratajkowski
Candice Swanepoel

Studio Imagery
Photographer: Mikael Jansson
Stylist: Camilla Nickerson



Victoria’s Secret > 2023 > Icon Collection

Candice Swanepoel is confirmed to appear on the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Tour 2023

Victoria’s Secret announced on July 27 their partnership with Amazon Fashion and the release of their Victoria’s Secret Tour on September 26 exclusively on Prime Video.

The brand sent a press release with the following information:

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio, July 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Victoria’s Secret & Co. (NYSE: VSCO) announced that The Victoria’s Secret World Tour will be available to stream on Prime Video on Sept. 26, 2023. Part spectacular fashion event, part documentary, the one-of-a kind show promises an unrivaled viewing experience that celebrates the mission of Victoria’s Secret – to uplift and champion women – on a global scale.

Presented as a re-imagined fashion show, The Tour is a celebration of women and global creatives, looking at fashion and art through a cinematic narrative lens. The special will take Prime Video viewers on a journey through the creation of The Tour, with behind-the-scenes footage and intimate stories of the VS20 – a group of 20 innovative global creatives who will conceive four fashion curations from the vibrant cities of Bogota, Lagos, London and Tokyo, alongside iconic custom Victoria’s Secret designs.

“We are delighted to continue to expand our relationship with Amazon,” said Greg Unis, Brand President of Victoria’s Secret and PINK. “This collaboration creates an unparalleled viewing experience, bringing the magic of The Tour directly to audiences far and wide. Through this collaboration, we are reinforcing our commitment to delivering captivating content that celebrates our heritage and resonates with our customers.”

The expanded collaboration between Amazon and Victoria’s Secret further brings together the worlds of entertainment, fashion and technology. Following the release of The Tour on Sept. 26, customers will be able to shop a tour inspired collection on VictoriasSecret.com and receive fast, free Prime delivery when shopping in the Victoria’s Secret Amazon storefront.

“At Amazon Fashion, we’re always inventing new ways to inspire our customers through unique shopping experiences,” said Muge Erdirik Dogan, President of Amazon Fashion. “After expanding our wide selection of Victoria’s Secret lingerie and apparel earlier this summer, we’re thrilled that customers will also be able to shop the film-inspired collection this fall.”

Streaming as an Amazon Original and available to watch on Prime Video, viewers in more than 50 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, and across Latin America, will experience a fusion of fashion, culture and art, showcasing the extraordinary talents of global creatives, renowned supermodels and award-winning musical acts.

Presented by Victoria’s Secret, executive produced by Sunshine, produced by Pulse Films, the feature will be creative directed by PARTEL OLIVA, with film direction by Lola Raban-Oliva, Cristina Sanchez, Korty, Margot Bowman, Umi Ishihara, styling in partnership with Camilla Nickerson, cinematography by Ari Wegner, production design by Joseph Bennett and post-production by the recent Academy Award winning Parallax.

Press Release



Candice Swanepoel debuts new collaboration in Amagansett, New York on July 13, 2023
Candice Swanepoel for Free People Summer 2023

Free People released x26 photos of Candice Swanepoel as part of their Getaway Shop collection.

The collection includes maxi dresses, skirts, chokers and crop tops.

You can purchase your favorite items by clicking in the following link Free People

Check out the lookbook by clicking in the thumbnails above this text or clicking on the link below these lines.


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