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Some of Vogue’s favourite models dressed up in treasured pieces from their own wardrobes to share lockdown selfies, donating part or all of the featured looks to an online auction in aid of NHS Charities Together. The event will begin on Vogue.hardlyeverwornit.com at 2pm on 9 June and end at 2pm on 12 June. Prints of these images will also be available to buy, for £50 each.


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Josh Otten shared a new photo of Candice’s upcoming work for V Magazine.

She was photographed by Max Papendieck and styled by Elizabeth Sulcer.

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Online magazine Bode Magazine featured Candice Swanepoel and Elsa Hosk in a new interview to Logan Hollowell.

Making Jewels For the Modern Goddess
Logan Hollowell has had her hands in the jewelry making business since childhood. Today, that personal connection to her prized and praised gemstones makes her a very sought-after woman.

Jewelry designer, writer, and alchemist, Logan Hollowell spent most of her childhood in nature raised on the outer banks of North Carolina. Instead of plastic Barbie dolls, Hollowell opted to entertain herself with gemstones and crystals. Evidence reigns true that at a very young age Hollowell loved jewelry more than any other craft. “My parents would have to drag me out of jewelry stores and crystal shops,” says Hollowell. Obsessed with the raw beauty and power of jewelry, Hollowell often fell victim to its emanating healing power. “As a child, I would sometimes sneakily dip my hands into mom’s jewelry — and sometimes get in trouble for it. I just couldn’t help myself. I needed jewelry on my body,” says Hollowell. Spending countless hours in jewelry stores, Hollowell not only took personal inventory, but expressed her interest in the various stones and impeccable craftsmanship. From that experience only, Hollowell’s intrigue has since become a part of her. “I have always been obsessed with the beauty and power of jewelry — and will always be. To this day I sleep in my jewelry,” laughs the designer. Ingesting the world around her, Hollowell sought after the life of a designer. Experienced with gems and crystals, collecting and reworking vintage pieces to make into her own, Hollowell’s jewelry designing endeavor officially took off. “[In 2014], I started designing for myself because I struggled to find jewelry on the market that I felt a connection to — pieces that held meaning, healing energy, empowerment, and tangible value,” shares Hollowell.

Displaying her original designs on herself first, fulfilling her desire to fully connect to the accessory she loves most, Hollowell’s exclusive designs continuously became the must-have in public outings. Interested in the stories behind the pieces, Hollowell set up shop and started placing her first round of orders. “At that point, I started to get busy simply through word of mouth and bloggers posting organically — this being at the beginning of the blogger era. So, I knew that there was a market for women desiring jewelry that meant something. Something that could trigger a change inside of them for the better,” explains Hollowell. She coined the name Instant Heirlooms, jewelry backed by magic and intention. Officially launching in 2015, the line started out with just a few pieces that still remain bestsellers today. From the Big Dipper Constellation Earrings, Bull Skull Necklace and the Star Set Rounded Rings, there is no coincidence that the very first designs symbolize freedom, as Hollowell credits for setting her free and inspiring the vision of the brand seen today. Hollowell’s crafted pieces are much more than what meets the eye. Whether a piece has been inscribed with a thoughtful meaning or made with a gemstone, the designer personally selects each piece, design, and gem for its energy and beauty. She designs for the modern goddess.

The modern goddess is evolving. Reaching higher and raising her standards. She is thoughtful and elegant, yet adventurous. She is wise, yet playful. She honors herself and her worth. She cherishes her past, present, and future. “My muse is my customer,” says Hollowell and continues to explain, “Today’s woman deserves to have it all. I make pieces embedded with meaning to remind women of their dreams, loved ones, and memories.” Among her extensive list of influences, the designer credits Mother Nature, the moon, a rose, and the ocean. Constantly inspired by the modern goddess muse, Hollowell believes in the creative process of a muse. “Her evolution and aim to create for her and add value to her life, both physically and metaphysically. It is both challenging and exciting to have a muse that is so dynamic, which is why I am always creating something new for her,” explains Hollowell. Made in Los Angeles, pieces use 14k or 18k recycled gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and diamonds. Pieces that tell stories — created with quality metals, precious and semi-precious stones — every item can be passed down through generations. Designed to last, Hollowell’s take on the origins of the past, present, and future honors ancestry. “I always envisioned creating instant heirlooms,” says Hollowell. Admired by many celebrities — Jenna Dewan, Jennifer Lawrence, and Behati Prinsloo — Hollowell’s name and talents visually rang through high-fashion publications, paparazzi shots, and even among the geniuses at Marvel Studios. The process of Alchemy sparks inspiration for Hollowell. The story of Alchemy is found within a diamond. “Diamonds begin as black coal — through the right amount of pressure — they become light-filled diamonds, unbreakable. I believe we are all diamonds just waiting to discover our selves,” beams Hollowell. Passionate about wellness and self-healing, expression, and empowerment, the designer has since discovered the immediate connections to fashion. Hollowell continuously makes it a point to encourage women to purchase the quality over quantity — to invest in pieces that make them look and feel their best. Going beyond jewelry and spilling into one’s personal life, Hollowell invests in quality relationships and experiences that make them memorable.

“I make jewelry that speaks to experiences and feelings common in every woman’s life, so I don’t see designs favored in certain places. When we do pop-ups in new cities, most customers are excited to see moonstones or use their intuition to find a gemstone they connect with,” explains Hollowell. Inspired by a dream, realizing the divine energy of women, The Queen Collection was created. “In their own right, women deserve the best in every area of life,” says Hollowell as she describes the collection. Pieces within this collection feature gemstones, including moonstones, opals, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds, symbolizing different sources of power and healing properties — for a queen. “Our classic design from this collection is the Queen Water Drop Moonstone Ring. It features a pear-shaped moonstone and hand-set white diamonds in a 14k gold naturally textured halo,” says Hollowell. “The great thing about making fine jewelry is that gold lasts forever and can be worn over lifetimes and that in itself is sustainable. I only connect with partners that honor the principles of my core values as a creator, valuing both quality and sustainability equally.” Says Hollowell. Infusing each piece with meaning — while many pieces in the industry were designed strictly for trend — the designer understood that that approach missed any form of purpose. “Jewelry to me is a physical manifestation of the stories we tell. Since I was little, I’ve believed that jewelry has a healing power when it is attached to something meaningful,” says Hollowell. Her next meaningful step will be launching a bridal collection this Summer. Having done custom engagement rings in the past, the upcoming collection will include a full line of engagement bands, rings and custom options to create the ring of any bride’s dreams. Also in the works is the launch of a capsule collection with WildAid — a wildlife conservation group dedicated to reducing the global consumption of wildlife products. The collection features diamonds, moonstones, and opals while honoring the world’s most endangered species including pangolins, sharks, elephants, lions, and rhinos.

Riding on the revolving evolution of the fashion circuit, Hollowell covets her works to draw new inspiration when a new collection calls. “Right now, I am wearing the 18k Eye of Protection Coin on our Alchemy Charm Necklace with Diamond Hoop Closure. It represents strength and protection and is with the times,” describes the designer as she points out each piece with pride. Continuing, “Above that, I am wearing my Baby Unity Necklace with Pave Diamonds. I feel very connected to its meaning of the sacred balance of feminine and masculine energy,” the designer explains. Drawing inspiration from fashion trends, Hollowell is mostly inspired by the delicate fusion between designing for today and making a piece that will always be relevant. She calls it “with the times, but timeless.” Much like the adaptability of women, many pieces within her collections can easily transition by changing out a charm and mixing up lengths of chain styles. That same adaptability brings out the inner magic of any and every woman, and these pieces remind her of that with every wear. Concluding, Hollowell’s wisdom is far beyond her years and valuable in inspiring women today and every day. “I hope you take the time to honor yourself, your loved ones, and to follow your heart into the direction of your dreams. I hope you learn not to take life too seriously — that the purpose of your existence is to create and add meaning and value to your life and the lives of others. You are magic.”

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Harper’s Bazaar has released the behind the scenes video of Candice Swanepoel‘s photoshoot for their May issue taken by David Yarrow in Rwanda back in December.

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Harper’s Bazaar US finally released the editorial Candice during her trip to Rwanda with the photographer David Yarrow. Check the digital scans by clicking in the link bellow.


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Before the major of Miami Dade set a ban of 10 people only at the beach Candice was seen enjoying a beach day with her children, Ariel and Anacan.


Candids > 2020 > Mar 18 – Candice Swanepoel at the beach in Miami with her children.

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Tropic of C announced today a new collab: “Empowerment is at the center of our values.

Since the start, we have commissioned accessories and other items from artisan groups throughout south america. we are excited to build upon these projects with a new collaboration with sophie anderson, a pioneer of ethical and sustainable luxury.

Together we designed and produced a capsule of tops hand crocheted by Sophie Anderson’s artisan teams in Northern Peru.

Sophie Anderson works directly with a social enterprise that provides ongoing training and infrastructure while promoting entrepreneurship and independence in indigenous artisan communities. Their artisan partners are all women, who due to poverty and geographic isolation lack direct access to globalized markets and opportunities to make a living.
These pieces not only celebrate and preserve their traditional craft but they help support sustainable social impact in their communities.

Besides helping the artisans make a living, with our collaboration they have learned new skills that enable them to manage themselves, be more entrepreneurial and have greater self-confidence.” The collab will drop on March 16th at tropicofc.com

The pieces are: vibe top in rasta superstar ($100), south pacific top in kelly green ($125) and south pacific top in white ($125)

The collaboration will be avalaible on March 16th.

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Candice Swanepoel, the South African model, is moving to The Lions Model Management for model representation.

The 31-year-old South African model continues to be represented by Creative Artists Agency for all other areas.

Swanepoel was discovered when she was 15 years old at a South Africa flea market.

In 2018, Swanepoel launched an eco-lifestyle and ethically sourced swimwear collection, Tropic of C, where she is founder and creative director. It is primarily a direct-to-consumer business.

Swanepoel continues to be represented in other areas by Creative Artists Agency, who signed her last April for all areas. Before that, she was represented for her fashion deals by IMG Models.

The 31-year-old mother of two has been on Forbes’ “Highest Paid Models” list several times.

“We are very excited to represent Candice Swanepoel and committed to using our distinctive platform at The Lions to amplify her voice in the fashion industry and help her build a powerful personal brand with her own talent, passion and uniqueness,” said Ali Kavoussi, managing partner at The Lions.