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DivineCandice.Com has a New Look!


So excited to finally announce DivineCandice.Com has a new look! Our design is by the lovely Ray at OhMyMorning.Com and Header by our team member, Elodie.

DivineCandice.Com Birthday Project Cancelled

Due to the lack of interested in this years project with only 15 days left to submit I’ve decided to cancel the project. If we had a few submissions maybe this would happen, but we literally have ZERO!

I also want to take this moment to apologize for the lack of updates. I’m currently going through a certification training program and going back to school full-time, therefore I don’t have as much time for the site. Chelsea is doing the best that she can and I adore her updating, even if it is just the gallery for the time being. Team Divine may be looking to expand with in the coming months to help make 2016 a great year!

Thank you for keeping us your number one source we love and appreciate all of you guys.


Thank You from DivineCandice.Com

DivineCandice.Com would like to thank all the amazing fans who participated in this years incredible birthday project! If you haven’t seen the tumblr full of messages to Candice simply click the image above. We would also like to send a thank you to Bellazon, Angel-Candice & Goddess Candice who supported and promoted this years project to help us make it special for Candice.

As of right now we have no idea if Candice has actually seen the tumblr blog yet, but she did send a general message out on instagram to her fans thanking everyone for all the sweet messages.

x Team Divine
Jennifer, Martina, Angel & Chelsea

Nominate DivineCandice for Best Fansite at The Shorty Awards

Shorty Awards

DivineCandice.Com has been nominated already by some amazing fans who think we are worthy of a Shorty Award! Can you guys believe that? Now that we’ve been nominated we’re asking for your votes to take get us as one of the finalist. You can vote on our Shorty Awards page here: shortyawards.com/DivineCandice

The DivineCandice.Com Forum is Back!!


Finally our forum is back in business. We hope you guys register or re-register today. The forum is an amazing place you can share you love for Candice as well as get to know one another.

Huge thank you to Rosary for the beautiful design, DzinerStudio for the awesome template, and finally Alejandra for the advice along the way.

– Team Divine

New Design


I wanted to officially announce we have a new design by our amazing friends, Melted Butterfly. The theme features “Ha pasado un Ángel” by Mariano Vivanco from Candice’s first Vogue of 2013. Team Heavenly loves the design so we hope you guys do it. xx

New Gallery In Progress


In the recent months we’ve been moving a lot of stuff around are just really unhappy with how things look/feel, so we decided to start with a clean slate. This move will be slow and steady, but you will be able to access both galleries while we make the move. If you click the photo gallery link in our navigation bar, it will take you to the old gallery, but if you click the latest photo thumbnails you will be taken to the new one. As photos are moved and and added to the new gallery we will be deleting them from the old one.

Happy One Year Anniversary DivineCandice.com

forums preview

One year ago today I did the scariest thing in the world and opened this amazing site. After all my hard work it was finally going to pay off. I want to thank all thank all of you as well as Candice herself for all the love and support. It truly means so much to us.

Today I’ve decided to launch the newest addition to DivineCandice.com, the first ever fan community dedicated to the most amazing angel ever. We’re super excited about this new adventure because Candice’s fans are truly the most amazing family on earth and we wanted a place where we could be just that as well as make new friends, share the latest on our beautiful goddess, ect. We hope you come join us! CLICK HERE TO JOIN!!

P.S. Thank you all so much for the anniversary love and wish so far. I love you guys! xx

Starting our one-year anniversary early! We have a new design!!


So I wasn’t planning on putting this up until our anniversary (March 10), but I have other plans in store for the big day and to be honest, I couldn’t wait to show off this beautiful new design by my amazing friend Meghan, designer at Melted-Butterfly. I don’t even know what to say except, Thank you Meg!!! This design is a dream come true, sounds a little cheesy, but I never thought I’d ever own my own fansite let alone have one of your original designs on it. I really love it and hope everyone else does too.

Huge Annoucments

First and foremost Candy-Swanepoel.net is now DivineCandice.com!!! We decided to change because we didn’t feel like we had an identity. Our site name/url & social networks we’re kind of all over the place due to the name being taken. After long nights and a list of words that describe Candice, we went with DIVINE. You guys can now find us on the web at:

http://facebook.com/DivineCandice (brand new page, please re-like us)

We’re also leaving youtube. Our channel will stay as is, but we’re creating a new media channel, which will be directly connected to the site. There are so many videos that we have, but can’t share with you guys due to youtube copyright policies. The link to the new channel will be announced soon, so please stay tune.