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Tropic of C announced the launch date of “I&I”, the new collection inspired by Jamaica.

The brand teased with 3 videos shared via Instagram that the new collection will drop this Friday.

Check out their web on Friday to see all the pieces before they are gone.

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope this first week of the new decade is treating you fine.

Tropic of C announced 3 new stores to their already known worldwide expansion. The brand can be found now in Tel Aviv at Factory 54, Cape Town at the exclusive The Marly Boutique and the Paris’ Galleries LaFayette.

Such an amazing new expansion for the brand that also sells in Miami at Eight Space, Toronto at Holt Renfrew and London at Selfridges in both; online and physical store. For online shopping you can find the brand at MyTheresa, Goop, Moda Operandi, TropicofC, Olivela and Buyma.

Happy shopping!xo

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Holt Renfrew started to sell on December 27th Tropic of C.

Shop now at the link in our sidebar and here.

Happy Holidays, New Year and Happy Shopping!

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MyTheresa and Tuchuzy are now selling Tropic of C. After EightSpace, Moda Operandi, Olivela, Goop and most recently Brittish e-commerce Selfridge’s now Australian based store and e-commerce Tuchuzy and MyTheresa joined the online stores that sell Candice Swanepoel’s brand.

You can shop at Tuchuzy also in physical store if you’re from Australia, if not shop here.

MyTheresa adeed a description of the brand:

“Influenced by nature, inspired by the female form”, Tropic of C is the eco-conscious swimwear label with strong ties to Africa’s rich landscape and wildlife. It comprises a carefully curated edit of refined-yet-sensual vacation-ready silhouettes, which champion an assortment of animal motifs, and are crafted from lustrous fabrics hand chosen due to their reduced environmental impact.

With a 15-year long career as one of the world’s top supermodels under her belt, Candice Swanepoel launched Tropic of C in 2018 as an authentic take on her South African heritage – be it through color, pattern or texture.

Con el verano en el corazón de sus colecciones, Tropic of C le invita a pasar una vacaciones eternas en la playa. Contemporánea pero con una clara vocación vintage, la marca de baño fundada por la modelo Candice Swanepoel posee un mantra que se antoja sencillo, pero resulta inapelable: brindar confianza a la mujer rebasando los límites de las dunas.

Poderosamente femeninos y atemporales, bikinis y bañadores hacen gala de un diseño meticuloso concebido para realzar al máximo las virtudes de la silueta femenina. ¿Lo mejor? Todos los diseños se confeccionan desde un enfoque respetuoso hacia el medio ambiente.

With summer at the heart of its collections, Tropic of C invites you to spend an eternal vacation at the beach. Contemporary but with a clear vintage vocation, the bathroom brand founded by the Candice Swanepoel model has a mantra that seems simple, but it is unappealable: providing confidence to the woman beyond the limits of the dunes.

Powerfully feminine and timeless, bikinis and swimsuits boast a meticulous design designed to maximize the virtues of the female silhouette. The best? All designs are made from a respectful approach to the environment.

Shop in their web here.

You can check in our sidebar the list of websites and physical stores where you can get your own Tropic of C piece.

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Tropic of C is launching it resort collection and some of the pieces are already out!


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Candice Swanepoel and Ajuma Nasanyana are the faces of the new campaign of Tropic of C; resort collection. The brand teased in a short video new photos.


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Candice Swanepoel shared via Tropic of C a handwritten letter of love to her homeland; Africa.

Africa. A distant and intimidating land to many, untouchable in its vastness, wild to its core, where weakness flounders and strength essential for survival. An unforgiving land where poverty and hunger are a daily struggle, a country plagued with troubles and strife. South Africa, my birthplace, my home, sits at the southern tip of this land. A country with a resounding heartbeat, and soulful energy where beauty is illuminating and sorrow so vividly present.

The unspoken truths of children taking care of children in the many shanty towns scattered all over the country, where ‘sangomas’ witch doctors offer superstitious remedies and where colour and religion a bloody battlefield for hundreds of years…

But Africa is where I grew up, where my family grew up and where their parents’ parents made their home. The pulsating beat of the African drum lives inside of me, and when I hear that soulful beat, I could be anywhere in the world, my spirit ignites, the music carrying me home, where my senses engulfed with the sights and smells of this special land.

It takes me back to the smell of the summer rains…

… A feeling that always humbles me. A feeling that makes my soul smile.

Africa has a vibration, a racing pulse, a living energy which can only be felt and not fully portrayed in literature. You have to experience it to truly know its sensation! I remember the hot African sun on my skin and the cool mysterious nights that followed with whispers of history and wonder.

It’s impossible not to feel grounded in Africa. I grew up knowing and experiencing firsthand that we are just a tiny speck of an overwhelming ecosystem in which we are powerless in God’s great land. Africa can be relentless and unforgiving, yet so sensationally beautiful and nurturing in the same breath.

I would sit at night and listen carefully to each amazing sound as night fell. If you are from Africa you know the lion’s roar, a sound that fills the night sky and makes every hair stand on end. A chilling yet beautifully powerful pant that announces his reign of the savanna. The hyenas’ cackling laughter that sends chills down my spine followed by a rush of adrenaline. The silence and serenity of Africa’s giants, the elephants as they move gracefully in their herds, their eyes always sparkling with the truest and most profound love. This is the Africa I love. Raw. Exciting. Soulful.

Then you experience the warm, spontaneous smiles of its people, its vast array of cultures, its rainbow nation. Different cultures, tribes, languages and beliefs, yet we all are bound together as one calling Africa home. With that feeling we can unite. We can find power in our differences and diversity!

I left South Africa when I was 16 years old to pursue my career but It never left me. You do not choose to live in Africa, Africa lives in you, and I carry Africa with me every day.

Africa taught me to be strong, very strong, resilient and curious. Very curious. I grew up seeing life, and death and rebirth consistently. This taught me to be at one with Mother Nature. Living and experiencing that level of nature will no doubt make you believe in a higher power. A God. Africa is what earth in its perfection looks like in God’s eyes. The animals run free and wild in the vast grasslands. The colors of the sunrise and sunset so vibrant and clear, painting the sky in reds, pinks and orange, showing the world its golden glow.

I remember it all so clearly. Its landscapes, its people, its songs. I have lived so far away for over 14 years, but I still feel the African drums beating in my heart, engulfing my soul with its rawness!

I had a farm in Africa, my home, where nature and culture molded me. I am eternally grateful to have been born in such a place. A place where if you want to ever believe in magic, it is here, in the winds, in the currents, in its heart!

– Candice

Read the letter here.


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You likely recognize Candice Swanepoel from her runway appearances as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, as well as her slew of fashion magazine editorials and her work with many of the world’s top fashion brands, including Givenchy, Fendi, Versace, and Chanel. In fact, Swanepoel is no stranger to Forbes: the South African native has been included in the Forbes list of “The World’s Highest-Paid Models” several times.

But today, the mother of two is making a name for herself as the cofounder of eco-lifestyle and swimsuit brand, Tropic of C. With core values like sustainability, empowerment, community, and quality guiding the brand’s strategic and design decisions, Tropic of C is making all the right waves.

After years of working in front of the camera as one of Victoria’s Secret’s top models, Swanepoel decided to pursue her entrepreneurial passions by launching her own swimsuit brand. She joined forces with Daniela Manfredi, whose extensive fashion and design career includes more than eight years as Senior Vice President and Creative Director at Victoria’s Secret.

“It started as a creative outlet,” Swanepoel explains. “I love photography and imagery and beauty in general. I had been working and shooting swim for so many years, and as a way of keeping my mind working during photoshoots, I would analyze the product.”

When Swanepoel finally took a break from modeling when she became a new mom – she had been working as a model since age 15, when she was discovered at a South African flea market – she realized that creating her own swimsuit brand was the path to fulfilling her dream.

Launched in February 2018, the primarily direct-to-consumer brand is available internationally, and has also been featured on e-tailers like Goop, Moda Operandi and Olivela. Tropic of C will also have an IRL presence when it launches in the UK as part of Selfridges’ “Swim Hut” activation at the end of October, adding to its list of luxe global wholesalers like Holt Renfrew in Canada and Factory 52 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tropic of C stands firm on its positioning of sustainability, impact and fashion-centric designs that underscore women’s powerful femininity.

“Sustainability is a key part of my lifestyle. I think coming from Africa and growing up with such a strong level of nature, it’s where I get inspiration,” Swanepoel explains. Her life spent at the beach and surrounded by nature has influenced the rich, earthy tones of Tropic of C’s collections.

“At the same time, Victoria’s Secret had [temporarily] stopped the swim category, so I figured, this is my moment to keep myself busy during my pregnancy but also, to make my dream come true. But the hardest part was getting it started! I didn’t know anything about what it takes to build the business or about the manufacturing process, so I started to have a lot of meetings, which is how I got connected to Daniela.”

(Manfredi had worked closely with fabrics, textiles and design from her days at Victoria’s Secret.)

Swanepoel continues: “I had already dreamed up the brand ethos and what I wanted it to look like, and then we collaborated and it was born. It’s like my third baby!”

While her strong connection with nature has always been present, Swanepoel felt an even stronger urge towards minimalism and the call for sustainability when she became a mother. As a result, every decision that Swanepoel and Manfredi make is intentional and purpose-driven, from the fabrics of the swimsuits down to the packaging.

Manfredi explains: “For us it starts with the fabric. We continually research and incorporate sustainable textile developments into our collections. By prioritizing recycled materials and methods that reduce water and energy, we are able to decrease our environmental footprint.” As a result, Manfredi and Swanepoel source materials that are renewable, biodegradable or decrease water and energy consumption.

So every small detail is considered, like the branded woven labels inside each garment that are made from recycled polyester, and the hygiene liner that’s completely compostable and features a bioplastic derived from tree pulp – all details that make a big difference.

The majority of Tropic of C’s styles are produced using regenerated fabrics that provide good strength and stretch, as well as upcycled fabrics that give second life to discarded waste. Econyl, for example, is made from 100% recycled materials like fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastics rescued from landfills and oceans all over the world. Repreve is a high-performance polyester fiber made entirely from recycled plastic bottles; beyond its sustainability, the fabric has inherit properties such as wicking, thermal regulation and cushioned support, adding to the supreme quality of the swimsuits.

Shipping is also a key step that garners attention: Tropic of C’s eco-friendly mailer is 100% compostable, and made from a bio-based polymer and plant materials, meaning it’s a more durable, sustainable alternative to plastic poly mailers.

Also driven by community, Swanepoel has joined Selma Hayek and Annie Lennox as an ambassador for Mothers 2 Mothers (M2M), an NGO headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa that works across eight African nations.

“Motherhood and South Africa are two of my passions, so serving as an M2M patron is a perfect fit for me,” Swanepoel shares. In honor of Mother’s Day this past year, Swanepoel committed a portion of Tropic of C sales to Mothers 2 Mothers.

The core value of empowerment also comes through with Tropic of C’s commitment to preserving the work and craft of local artisans, by commissioning accessories from mostly-female artisan groups in South America and selling the products on its website. “Our goal is to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate their traditional techniques and use of local materials,” Manfredi explains.

Also worth noting: the element of empowerment extends to Tropic of C’s swimsuit designs and silhouettes. Thanks to Swanepoel’s keen eye for photography, Tropic of C’s campaign imagery is very much in the female gaze, with the essence of a woman’s strength and sensuality guiding the way.

“It’s about the way the product makes you feel when it’s on,” Swanepoel explains. “I’m inspired by the concept of ‘powerful femininity’ – I’m gently spoken and quite soft and calm, but I’m also quite powerful, strong, thick-skinned, and resilient. I come from a farm in the middle of nowhere, I’ve gone through a lot to be where I am. But I also think my vision of beauty is when people embrace being feminine and soft. So you see it in the designs, in the shoulders, in the waist, in the high cuts of the suits. There’s a dichotomy in the term ‘powerful femininity’ that has a complexity to it.”

As for the most critical traits that help Swanepoel succeed as an entrepreneur?

“Trust in your vision, fully. Don’t compromise that and stay consistent with it. And have a very clear vision. Be hardworking and be willing to do any of work you need to do in your company. Coming from South Africa, we learn that hard work is important. I’ve been working since I’m 15 and maybe am a little bit addicted to the drive.”

Through it all, Swanepoel is committed to carving out quality time with her two young children.

“It takes organization and time management, but it’s very important for me to spend a lot of time with my kids, especially because they’re babies. I live right around the corner from my office, and divide my time accordingly between working from there, being with my kids, and modeling as well. It can be done.”

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Moda Operandi has released some pieces of the Resort 2020 collection of Tropic of C shoot in Kenya by Jerome Duran for pre order.

Click here to pre order.

Here is the list of pieces and prices.

Sana Strapless Stripe Bikini Top
$90 ($45 Deposit)

Curve Printed Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

South Pacific Printed Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

South Pacific Printed Bikini Top
$90 ($45 Deposit)

Vibe High-Rise Waist Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Ajuma Bustier Bikini Top
$90 ($45 Deposit)

Nala Off-The-Shoulder Swimsuit
$150 ($75 Deposit)

The C Python Swimsuit
$150 ($75 Deposit)

The C Printed Swimsuit
$150 ($75 Deposit)

Lira Ring Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Lira Ring Detail Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Praia Zebra Print Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Zebra Print Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Zebra Print Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Praia Zebra Print Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Praia Side Tie Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Triangle Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Sana Side Knot Bikini Bottom
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Sana Twisted Bandeau Top
$90 ($45 Deposit)

Savanna Cutout Ruched Swimsuit
$150 ($75 Deposit)

Praia Printed Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Printed Bikini Bottom
$70 ($35 Deposit)

Praia Printed Triangle Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)

Praia Printed Triangle Bikini Top
$80 ($40 Deposit)


As far as swimwear goes, Tropic of C is about as sexy as it gets. Having modeled swim for over 10 years, Candice Swanepoel is more than well-versed in the cuts and fits that make for a flattering (and comfortable) swimsuit. Her latest lineup features animal prints (now trending!), detachable halter straps and off-the-shoulder silhouettes, as well as demi-underwire corsets for support. Plus, majority of her styles is cut in her now-signature ECONYL® fabric, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from materials like fishing nets.



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Vogue Czech released a new interview with Candice talking about motherhood, Tropic of C and more during the meet and greet in Miami last month.

Candice Swanepoel: “I take my mother’s role very seriously.”

Candice Swanepoel, a South African supermodel, was one of the stars of the Miami Swim Fashion Week SS 2020, where she presented her sustainable Tropic of C swimsuit collection. at the same time, she can maintain the flawless visage of the angel Victoria’s Secret.

I’m terribly curious about your lifestyle, how do you manage to maintain such a great figure, wrinkle-free skin, glowing skin, what do you eat?

My lifestyle has changed since I have children, but I’ve been trying to exercise regularly, eating a healthy, balanced diet. I actually eat everything I give to children. I grew up on a farm in South Africa and spent a lot of time in Brazil, so my kids eat vegetables, fish, rice, beans and we eat together. I also like to prepare my beauty smoothies with collagen, coconut oil, protein powder. They feed me and they are healthy.

What is your beauty routine?

I love sheet masks. I often get moisturizers at home if I don’t have time to go to the cosmetician. It is very important for me to clean my skin well, as a model I often have makeup on the show, so make-up removal is essential. I constantly use SPF 45 because I like the sun. I love life on the beach, but I avoid tanning my face.

How is your skin care different on the days you prepare for a show or photo shoot?

It’s not that much difference, I just have to pay attention to the perfect timing. A few weeks before the show, I use cleansing masks and go to a cosmetic deep cleanser because the skin needs time to soothe. I do intensive hydration a week before the event, I apply sera with more vitamin C and LED therapy. But I truly believe that the most important thing is to maintain your inner health all year round – to drink plenty of water, eat healthy and sleep.

Do you sleep enough if you have a baby and a toddler at home?

I’m not going to sleep so much with them, especially when my older three-year-old brings some cold out of kindergarten every few weeks. It wakes up much more, but I got used to it. I sleep whenever I can.

How did you get back in shape after two pregnancies you showed off for Victoria’s Secret? Do you have a tip?

There is something different about everyone. You have to follow how your body works. I have a tendency to natural slenderness, actually I’ve always had to try to maintain muscle mass, losing weight when I’m stressed. Of course I had to practice. However, I have never been the type who practices every day. Muscles need to rest some day between exercise, while I like the natural curves and shape of the female body.

Do you exercise more when going to a show or swimsuit photo shoot?

Before I had children, I went to the gym regularly 3 times a week. Now I’m exhausted at the end of the day. I try to practice for thirty minutes every third to fourth day. As a mother, I have an active life, and the fact that I constantly run for children keeps me in shape.

What made you decide to design a swimsuit?

It has attracted me since childhood. My mother used to be a dance teacher and she did dance shows, we always had some nylons left and I made my own bikinis out of them. As a model, I showed a lot of swimsuits and often wondered how to improve them. When I was pregnant, I felt it was time to start my own brand. And now we have been here for almost three years!

What is a typical customer of your Tropic of C brand?

Is a chic, strong personality, sophisticated, travels a lot, has a free spirit and is connected with nature. Therefore, in our photos you rarely see the pools, we shoot in nature.

What does the creative design process look like?

I love the creative process! I like dreaming about colors, cut, how the individual pieces will look. I come up with inspiration and then we pick fabrics. We will finish the first prototype directly on me, put it on and play with the fabric according to my original vision. I also like taking photos. Everything from site selection to final details.
Tell us more about the latest collections.

We are preparing two collections per year, resort and spring / summer. Being from South Africa, I am inspired by ethnic cultures. In the last collection we have a number of earthy colors, in the resort line you can find animal motifs and we took pictures in Kenya. We also have a signature collection in black and white. I like the silhouette, which is a bit vintage, the clothes are inspired by the style of the 50s or 70s, but I gave it a modern accent. I collect inspiration on the go. And because I still travel a lot, I like universal pieces. Even today I wear a swimsuit, which I wear as a top, with a skirt.

You are known for ecological thinking, is this attitude reflected in collections?

Sustainability has been crucial to me since I started working on my swimsuit collection. I would never let my business flood the planet with another batch of plastics. We use a lot of Econyl (recycled nylon from discarded fishing nets). Our goal is 100% material sustainability, so far we are at 70%. We also make sure that our packaging materials are simple and biodegradable.

I am amazed that in addition to all your work, you are also involved in humanitarian work.

At some point in my career as a model, I felt I wanted to give something, help somehow. I had the opportunity to visit the Mothers to Mothers organization and heard a lot of moving stories of women infected with HIV that touched me even more after I became a mother myself. Most of these women find out during pregnancy that they have AIDS, their families reject them, and they remain without help. Mothers to Mothers allows them not to pass the disease on to their children. The mother feels unrepeatable when she knows that her baby will have a healthy life. With Tropic of C we try to do as much as possible for them, but years ago I created a jeans collection where some of the proceeds went to support this organization.

How do you manage to link all your activities to motherhood?

I am lucky to work with so many wonderful people who fully understand the needs of the family. Also, creating my own brand allows me to better plan my working time. Of course I also have to say no to a lot of amazing offers. Time with young children will never come back and I take the role of mother very seriously. During one project, I returned twice a week from Europe to New York just to see the children for the day. I always wanted my family very much, it took a while to get pregnant, and I love the role of mother. That’s why I enjoy motherhood, including all the work around the children.

Maxim magazine declared you the most attractive woman of the year a few years ago. What do you think when reading such articles or seeing yourself at the Victoria’s Secret show in a diamond bra?

I look at myself as my professional self, I don’t feel that way inside. This is an external evaluation, it is nice to hear, but I know my real self. I’m a normal girl at home, I don’t look like that when I change diapers for children or wipe my nose.

What is the hardest thing about modeling?

Modeling is a pretty lonely way of life. This was far more than before the advent of social media. I waited hours for the show and my only companion was a book. Social media has changed a lot. You can always be connected with your family, your friends. People often ask me how I got to the top. But it is all the result of hard work. The toil that never ends.

What would you advise the aspiring models?

Try to be yours, find and work on your style and personality. Stick to your individuality rather than trying to be like the other girls who are flying on Instagram, otherwise you’ll be lost in a million others.

Vogue Czech