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Tropic of C’s resort 2020 to be released in September


Refinery 29 posted the first official image of the new bikini of Tropic of C which will be out in September, as Candice confirmed. The bikini comes in a new print called “phyton”.

The resort campaign was shot in Kenya during Candice’s recent trip to the Mwale Medical & Technology Center and the Masai Mara, where Jerome Duran took the photos.

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coming soon #resort20 #tropicofc #masaimara 🌎 #land

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coming soon #resort20 #tropicofc #masaimara 🌎 #gratitude

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Tropic of C will be avalaible at Eight Space

Great news! After the pop up in Miami during the Swim Week on July 13rd Eight Space announced that Tropic of C will be sold in their Miami store this week.

You can visit their store at 174 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127, EE. UU.

Candice Swanepoel’s Tropic of C at Paraiso Miami Beach

According to two different sources Tropic of C will be in the Paraiso aka Miami Swim Week on July 12th.

Other highlights of the week will include supermodel Candice Swanepoel’s presentation of her sustainable swimwear line, Tropic of C, an awe-inspiring Maaji runway show at Paraiso partnering location, Brickell City Centre, and the Upcycle Challenge, a national, student-designer competition developed to give use to dead stock fabrics and textiles from reputable swimwear brands.

The Paraiso Bungalow, the oceanfront pop-up shop at Collins Park, featuring Resortwear, Beauty, Jewelry and Accessories by: Aloha Collection, Chopard, Olivela and Tropic of C.

Hours: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM | OPEN TO PUBLIC


Bellazon, Swim Week Calendar and Miami Herald.

HypeBae talks about Tropic of C

Hype Bae included Tropic of C in a new post about their favorite swim brand for the vacay.

One popular brand we’ve included Tropic of C was created by supermodel Candice Swanepoel.

HYPEBAE Pick: Founded by supermodel Candice Swanepoel, Tropic of C offers vintage-inspired pieces with a modern twist. The brand also gets direct inspiration from Brazilian and European design cues. The most recent collection includes curve-cut bottoms, corset-inspired tops and smoothly contoured details reminiscent of dance apparel. This season 50-percent of Tropic of C’s swimsuits are created with Econyl®, an eco-friendly, bi-elastic techno-fabric. Econyl® works in collaboration with healthyseas.org to create a 100-percent recycled material from discarded fishing nets and other landfill waste.


5 things a woman should always have in her wardrobe according to Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel, one of Victoria’s Secret’s signature models is also at the helm of sustainable swimwear label, Tropic of C. With summer at the heart of its collections, the label’s mantra is simple: feel good in your skin… and your swimwear. We took the opportunity to talk to the South African model about the essence of her style and her sunkissed swimwear label.

How did the brand start?

“I had thought about creating a swim line for a while. After having modeled swim in the industry for such a long time, I felt like I understood quite well what I like about particular fits, fabrics, and colors.”

What’s the concept?

“The concept was to create a line that I truly wanted to wear everyday at the beach. I pay great attention to each fit of the suit, making sure that the design highlights a woman’s body, that the fabric is of the highest quality and that it really holds you in. The pieces must stand the test of time, this is not just disposable fashion. We are proud to have a sustainable aspect to the brand. Since our inception we have been working with regenerated fabrics and continue to be innovative with our packaging, using sustainable materials.”

How would you describe its aesthetic?

“Modern but vintage inspired; a refined sort of sexy; powerful femininity.”

Which 5 things should be in every woman’s wardrobe?

“The C one-piece in any of our colors. This suit is a staple, and can double as a bodysuit! Also, a little black dress, great jeans, sexy pair of heels, and a leather jacket.”

Can you describe your style in three words?

“Elegant, effortless, classic.”

An outfit which defines you?

“Jean shorts and a white T-shirt.”

How would you describe the Tropic of C aesthetic?

“Modern but vintage inspired; a refined sort of sexy; powerful femininity.”

What is your vision of swimwear for 2019?

“I am always classically inspired and never concerned with the current “trends.” I find inspiration in vintage silhouettes and highlighting a woman’s best assets. So the suits may appear simple but the fit makes all the difference. In 2019 I am inspired by the colors and art from Africa.”

What is different about Tropic of C?

“The attention to detail: the cut of each suit is meticulously designed.”

How are you positioned in the swimwear industry?

“I like to think our brand is approachable for women of any age. My goal is for all women to feel confident and beautiful in the suits.”

What inspires you?

“I am greatly inspired by nature. This is where I feel the most peaceful and connected. A lot of our color palettes, fabrics, and names reflect natural elements.”

Who is the Tropic girl in three words ?

“Confident, carefree, natural.”

Original // Article in French.

Candice Swanepoel Interviewed by Daily Front Row Magazine


Supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Candice Swanepoel found herself with an instant hit on her hands when she launched her luxurious, eco-friendly swim line, Tropic of C. With bikinis selling faster than she can make them, the budding mogul has had to buckle down and learn on the fly to keep up with the demands of her growing business.


What inspired you to launch Tropic of C?

It was a childhood dream of mine. When I was 7, I used to take my mom’s leftover fabric—she was an aerobics
teacher—and make my own little bikinis. Growing up in the sun in South Africa, I always loved it. And when I got into modeling, I became kind of “the swimsuit girl,” and all through those years I would pay close attention to the fit and color and how they made me feel. That’s how I started brainstorming Tropic of C. The hardest thing for me was just to take the initiative to start it and feel confident that I could do it.

What finally pushed you over the edge?

I have a great South African manager who helped me, because one of the hardest parts is just figuring out where to start. People think it’s easy to start a business, but it’s really not. It’s all this legal stuff, branding…and literally every name is taken, even my own! I took a million meetings and some never went anywhere, but I still learned something from every one of them. It was during my pregnancy that I was actually able to focus on making it happen. Daniela [Manfredi, Swanepoel’s business partner and Tropic of C’s assistant designer]
flew to Brazil to meet me, and we got along straight away and started talking about what the brand could look like. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year. That seems really fast.

Yeah, I mean, we’re pretty on it. Daniela comes from a swim background, so she kind of knew what parts we needed to put together. She’s the one who goes to the factories and brings back fabrics for me to see, and we put it all together. Then you have the whole back end of the websites and the photo shoots, and that’s the part I really love—organizing the shoots and the look of the brand online and on Instagram.

And you’re based in New York now, correct?

I was trying to maintain a beach life in Miami, but I need to be in the office regularly, so I’m back in New York for a while. Sometimes I hate New York, but I always end up missing it and coming back.

What do you think sets Tropic of C apart from other swim brands?

I put a lot of energy into working on the shapes and making sure every suit is very specific and well-done. I take pride in the fabrics. They’re not just worn twice and look terrible, but they are pieces you can keep season after season. I have a weird thing with some of my clothes; they’ve been with me through important parts of my life and it’s almost like they have a soul. I’m attached to them. They bring me back to special times in my life and I hang on to them, as long as they are good quality. I feel like that is what Tropic of C is—it’s a brand you can rely on for good fit and good quality. Most of the styles look quite simple, but the reaction from people when they put them on is quite different.

What are some of your most popular styles?
There’s one called “Vibe,” which is a crop top with a higher-waisted bottom, that sells all the time. We have the classic string, which I love to wear every day. I love to use earthy colors, and I like to make color stories, so everything looks beautiful together.

How much do you let the numbers guide your
decision making?

I have to pay attention to the numbers, but we have a business partner who has helped us get started because we’ve grown almost too quickly. At times it’s been a little bit overwhelming, but that’s a great problem to have. At times, we’ve underestimated the orders and run out of fabric, so we plan in advance
and order larger quantities.

Your fabrics are quite special—lots of recycled eco-
fabrics—so quantities must be somewhat limited to
begin with.

Exactly. There has been a definite learning curve for me, but that’s good. I really would like for the brand to grow and maybe one day do clothing as well. We’ll see!

Given the demands of your modeling career, how involved are you with Tropic of C on a daily basis?

It’s every day. Thank God for Internet programs. We have all the online Dropboxes, because I like to sign off on everything. The team is learning what I like and what my aesthetic is, but there’s a lot of back and forth. And whenever I have time off I’m here [at the studio]; we’re busy designing the next collection.

And where are you selling?

We’re direct-to-consumer, but we’re also on Goop and Moda Operandi to raise brand awareness. We’ve also started doing pop-ups, so people can be closer to the brand. We offer things like free returns, so people can try on the suits and not be afraid that they might not work.

What’s the busiest time of year for the brand?

With swim, there’s an annual schedule. That’s one of the parts that freaks me out the most. I mean, I could just say whatever and sell when I want, but there are times when people are thinking about vacation and
certain times that sell better, like around spring break and before certain holidays.

Have you ever won anything before?

Maybe I won like “Most Photogenic” when I was a kid or something, but I’ve never won anything that mattered.

How does it feel to be celebrated in this way?

It’s been really satisfying for me to see people enjoying the brand so much. As models, our work is based on how we look, and it’s great to be celebrated for that, but all of us are so much more than that. I’m really happy to
be recognized for something other than what I look like. And this brand is like my other baby. I’m so proud of it. And there’s so much going on in my daily life. I’ve fought so hard for my career from a really young age, had my babies, and I started this business in the middle of it all. It’s been a crazy couple of years, but the success has made it worth all the struggle.

Tropic of C’s Spring Collection now online

Candice’s swim line, Tropic of C dropped it Spring collection. In it we can find new prints, as the mama africa print aka leopard print avalaible for the C one piece, vibe bottom, equator top and bottom and praia top and bottom. New tops as ilha and praia and new colors as poppy, hibiscus or ultramarine.

You can shop it now here.

Remember that Tropic of C ships worldwide.



Travel + Leisure: 6 Brands That Are Going To Be Everywhere This Summer (Tropic of C)

The blog Travel + Leisure made a post about the 6 brands that, according to them, will be everywhere this Summer.

Here is what they say about Tropic of C.

Tropic of C
Tropic of C is the brainchild of seasoned swimsuit model Candice Swanepoel. Her line delivers minimal styles in flattering silhouettes. If anyone knows what the perfect swimsuit feels like, it’s Swanepoel, so don’t sleep on Tropic of C’s the C collection.

To shop

Tropic of C Pre Fall Collection Debuts on Moda Operandi

Tropic of C has debuted the Pre Fall collection in Moda Operandi with 25 pieces. The Trunkshow ends in 11 days from now.

Tropic of C

Who better to design swimsuits than Candice Swanepoel, someone who’s spent 16 years modeling them herself? Wise to the most flattering fits—namely, a high-cut leg and scoop-neck—her swimwear exemplifies thoughtful, ethical design (she uses eco-friendly materials and packaging). New additions to her repertoire include leopard and a fresh take on the early ‘00s-era tankini. Meet Candice here.

Access the full collection, secure your size & skip the waitlist: only in Trunkshow.

The 25 pieces included are the next ones. Take in count Candice wears the XS.

Curve Low Rise Bikini Bottom 80,00 US$
Curve Printed Bikini Bottom 80,00 US$
The C Bikini Top 80,00 US$
The C One Piece Swimsuit 150,00 US$
The C Printed One Piece Swimsuit 150,00 US$
Praia Adjustble Bikini Bottom 65,00 US$
Praia Adjustble Bikini Top 65,00 US$
Praia Adjustble Bikini Bottom 65,00 US$
Praia Adjustble Bikini Top 65,00 US$
Equator Printed Bikini Top 80,00 US$
Equator Printed Bikini Bottom 80,00 US$
Vibe Printed Bikini Bottom 80,00 US$
Vibe High Rise Bikini Bottom 80,00 US$
Vibe Sleeveless Bikini Top 80,00 US$
Luna Bikini Bottom 80,00 US$
Ilha Triangle Bikini Top 80,00 US$
Curve Low Rise Bikini Bottom 80,00 US$
South Pacific Bikini Bottom 80,00 US$
South Pacific Bikini Top 90,00 US$
Scorpio Racerback One Piece 160,00 US$
Vibe Textured Bikini Bottom 80,00 US$
Coco Printed Bikini Top 90,00 US$
Coco Underwire Bikini Top 90,00 US$
Contour Racerback One Piece 170,00 US$


Tropic of C reception hosted by Candice Swanepoel in Miami