Colcci Magazine – Winter 2012 & Interview

In an exclusive chat, Candice Swanepoel account for Colcci MAG her beauty secrets on the early career and because he likes both the jeans Colcci.

Who is Candice? Tell us a little about your story!
Even though I am a person very well staffed and working hard, I am a realist and always remember what’s really important to me in life. I grew up in South Africa, far from any city or urbanization! My education was surrounded by nature, animals and love my family! My love of nature began in our fozenda quickly and in my life in New York. And the desired turo jo; be in a beautiful forest or a beach. And where I feel happiest outdoors.

Growing up in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa? what are some of your favorite memories of childhood?
I grew up on a farm, so every day was an adventure. I loved to watch and participate in the daily routine. I was always very curious. Shearing sheep, milking cows and swim in the lakes was part of my daily life. I used to accompany my father, my brother and cousins of the farm, doing my best to be like them. We built forts in, we took aprontavamos crab and all sorts of mischief. It seemed that this was the life I always dreamed of.

As was the beginning of her modeling career? was difficult?
It is difficult for anyone leaving home, leaving family and friends to go after a dream. It has been difficult at times, but nothing comes easy … if vole I believe we must work and suffer a little to make it worthwhile. I found it very hard being away from my farm and my family for so long. Being a model and a very lonely life I think it is also hard to be judged all the time. All we have to work our way at any branch. I had many jobs over the years, but always keeping it in my mood up and fighting for better jobs. And good to know what and have to fight, because this way we give more value to the good times.

Do you still feel that “cold stomach” when it on the catwalk?
Yes, in fact still do, but instead of that chill me to do evil, fear, nervousness, he now fills me with energy and enthusiasm to always do better.

What do you think of Collection “luxury”?
For many years have gone to Brazil and me forever and a difficulty shopping because I want it all! Definitely have to stop comparing bikinis. I really believe that in the coming years Brazil will be a great power in fashion. Do you see the woman’s body in a manner respectful of the rest of the world, and that’s incredible! And why Colcci knows how to make jeans sexy. They fit perfectly in the right places. I loved the gold trim in jeans, but most of all, I loved how they dress cool.

And what your style? What can not miss in your wardrobe?
My style changes all the time – a little hippie chic, rock, inspired by 50 years … Use a portion of dresses, jeans and shorts pieces unique / exclusive that I find in the islands around the world. I try to keep an elegance in almost everything we use. I especially like the simple and comfortable clothes! Havaianas and bikini are the first things I put in the suitcase when I travel.