Exclusive Interview with CARAS TV during SPFW

Joy is one of his trademarks, but with so much beauty, only those who observe carefully that you realize all the charms behind Hurricane Candice Swanepoel (23), one of the angels, sort of spokesperson, the brand of Victoria’s Secret. “It’s funny to think of myself that way … I know that I work and effort into it, but try to keep your feet on the ground, ” she says in an exclusive interview, the FACES Lounge in SP. With laughter loose, like sweet and talkative – and “Brazil” – the South African snatched the heart of the model capixaba Hermann Nicoli (26), who dates from the 17 and splits apartment in New York. “In it I found someone with who divided his life and I am myself. I am grateful to have such luck. I feel safe when we’re together. It helps me to overcome challenges and remain strong. In addition, kitchen and makes a great stew ” , she warns, citing the qualities of the elect, whom he affectionately calls “Baby.” “She learned to speak Portuguese with ease, was far too fast” , laughs Hermann. Passionate about Brazil, as she puts it in good Portuguese, Candice has lost count on how many times he was here. “I come three times a year and I feel at home. Recycle the mind, the soul, relax the truth. After one season, come back refreshed ” , guarantees the top, which brightens the 33rd edition of Fashion Week.

How is the relationship with the country?
It’s my second home, or even the first … I can not say. I left South Africa for 15 years. I met my boyfriend at 17 and started coming here ever since. I spent a good part of my life in Brazil, grew up here … It was love at first sight.

What else like it here?
I feel a different energy. I live in New York and there things revolve around who you are, what they do and how much money you have. Here I see the concern about family and how to enjoy life to the full. And I love the food. I’m obsessed with crab!

How does the routine?
Live in the ‘road’, but I learned to deal with it. I have the support of my boyfriend and with him I feel normal again, saves the world, I recover.

Do you miss the normal life?
Sometimes, yes. But is the life I chose, I’m used to. I miss the family but I have my family in Brazil.

At 23 you are already a success. How do you feel?
Is why I work. If you feel that things are not so good, I recall the achievements and courage. While happy and be challenged, I’ll be satisfied.

How are you on a daily basis?
Quiet. I do normal things for which I have no time to go shopping, see friends … But do not get out much. I’d rather stay home, enjoy my dog, Luna, take a wine, make dinner. It is my luxury.

Why not be among the most beautiful models in the world?
It is an honor. When I say that I think of myself when I dreamed of being a mulherão. If I could say something to that girl would be: ‘Calm down, you’ll be fine in a few years, now enjoy.’ (Laughs)

How is your relationship with the Brazilian tops?
Great. We have busy lives, it is difficult to find away from work, but we always see … They laugh at me because I do is only talking about Brazil!