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BTS: Body by Victoria, Summer 2012 & Candice Bringing Her Parents To Set

Parents and a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but for VS model Candice Swanepoel, well, they do.

“It was a bit strange at first having my parents on the VS set,” Swanepoel tells PEOPLE. “I don’t think I even had boobs yet when I left home at 15!”

The South African stunner did say there was a plus to having her folks visit her while on duty, though. “The best part was connecting my two families,” she says, referring to her VS family and her actual family. “And reassuring to my parents to see what wonderful people I spend most of my time with. Victoria’s Secret even made my parents a cake saying, ‘Thank you for lending us your beautiful daughter.’”

Since then, the beauty has kept busy with the lingerie brand. She currently stars in the Body by Victoria Summer campaign with new Angels Lais Ribeiro and Bregje Heinen (go behind the scenes with them above), and mentored both while on set.

“Candice is such a professional,” Ribeiro shares. And “being an Angel has been such a blessing and changed my life so much. It has given me so many opportunities and brought me to places that I have only dreamed of.”

It looks as if the newbie is really loving the gig, too; she didn’t want to stop working! “Honestly, the toughest part about the day was wrapping,” she shares. “There was just an incredible dynamic on the Body by Victoria set, I didn’t want it to end.”


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Photos: Photos: Candice & Hermann Celebrating The 4th Of July In Miami

Stepping out onto the beach for the second day in a row, Candice Swanepoel was spotted in Miami, FL on Wednesday (July 4) with her boyfriend Hermann Nicoli.

The pair appeared to be having a great time as they splashed around in the ocean, while catching the rays as the South African supermodel rocked a sexy black and blue bikini that showed off her perfectly toned body.

Both stunners were spotted frolicking in the waves on Tuesday afternoon (July 3) and the Victoria’s Secret Angel donned an even tinier bikini that barely covered her assets.

She recently spoke about her bikini choices in an interview with Fox News saying, “People in Brazil are a lot more comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality (than in the U.S.) and it’s more about having fun… In America, the backs are obviously larger, which I think should change. We are trying to change that!”


Candids » Out & About » July 04 — Celebrating the 4th of July at a Miami beach
Candids » Out & About » July 04 — Cruising Around Miami On A Scooter with Hermann

Photos: Candice & Hermann Enjoying Miami’s Beaches

Most women need a certain level of confidence to step out in a bikini, but Candice Swanepoel must have bucket loads to go out in hers.

The 23-year-old model wore a very skimpy two-piece as she relaxed in the beach in Miami yesterday.

The slim star appeared to have the beach to herself as most beach beachgoers probably scarpered in the hope that they weren’t photographed next to her.

The black and white striped halterneck top just about covered Candice’s breasts and featured frill detailing.

She teamed it with a pair of black drawstring bottoms and a red sarong as she collected drinks from the local bar.

She didn’t bother wearing anything on her feet but completed her look with black sunglasses and gold hoop earrings.

The statuesque supermodel, who towers above most ladies at 5ft 10in, was joined by her partner of six years Hermann Nicoli, frequently taking dips together to cool off under the glare of the Florida sunshine ahead of Independence Day.

The devoted couple have been together following a chance meeting in Paris when the South African model was only 17.

The happy couple were also spotted on the beach the day before where Candice looked breathtaking in a simple black spaghetti string bikini, putting even the most confident of sun-worshippers in the shade.

Candice has been keeping fans titillated on Twitter, uploading a snapshot of herself – and a rather generous portion of flesh – while wearing her skimpy two-piece swimwear.

She completed the beach goddess look with a delicate touch of bling, keeping her gold earrings firmly in place during the ocean dip, while also decorated with several rings on her fingers.

The model also had a body chain draped over her, a fashion favourite with Miley Cyrus.
Despite her globetrotting career, Candice claims to be happiest against the tranquil beach setting.

She told DT Spain: ‘Although I have a high-profile life, where I am most happy is on a secluded beach with soft sand, listening to reggae.’

During a recent trip to Brazil for Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Candice seemed unsure of her future goals – but implied she would remain by Hermann’s side.

She said: ‘We have several plans for the future, we may live here in Brazil, I do not know.’

Hermann himself is also quite the catch, showing his impeccable six-pack in white trunks.


Candids » Out & About » July 02 — Relaxing on a Miami Beach with Hermann

Candids » Out & About » July 03 — Relaxing on a Miami Beach with Hermann

FINOMAN Summer 2012 — How to choose an angel!

How did you find Candice Swanepoel?
The first time I met Candice, she wasn’t even placed yet with a New York agency. Her London agent called and asked if I would meet her and I think it was a holiday weekend and I wasn’t in the office, so she and her mom came to my apartment. She was this quiet little thing, incredibly gorgeous, and I remember thinking, “This girl has it, but she’s just a baby!” Candice has had a great opportunity to develop her career properly over time with a lot of guidance and because of that she has a career I believe will have real longevity.


Photos: Candice prepares for a redeye back to New York

Getting ready to catch a late night flight, Candice Swanepoel was spotted arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA on Friday night (June 29).

The Victoria’s Secret angel looked fabulous for the warm weather in a long floral print skirt and white long sleeve top as she took to Twitter sharing, “Redeye back to new York. Night tweeps x.”

In other news, the 23-year-old beauty recently opened to Muse magazine about her start in modeling, favorite designers and everything in between.

When asked about how she was discovered the South African stunner said, “A man named Kevin Ellis saw me at a flea market in South Africa. It was a moment, like, five seconds when I saw her pass. It’s true that it takes time to change your life.”

Swanepoel went on to discuss her favorite designers which include Stella McArtney, Balmain, Balenciaga, Prabal Gurung, Rag & Bone, Tom Ford and Celine.

Sneak Peek! Agua de CoCo Swimwear 2013

Candice is the face of the 2013 Collection for Brazilian Swimwear brand, Agua de CoCo.

Exclusive Interview with CARAS TV during SPFW

Joy is one of his trademarks, but with so much beauty, only those who observe carefully that you realize all the charms behind Hurricane Candice Swanepoel (23), one of the angels, sort of spokesperson, the brand of Victoria’s Secret. “It’s funny to think of myself that way … I know that I work and effort into it, but try to keep your feet on the ground, ” she says in an exclusive interview, the FACES Lounge in SP. With laughter loose, like sweet and talkative – and “Brazil” – the South African snatched the heart of the model capixaba Hermann Nicoli (26), who dates from the 17 and splits apartment in New York. “In it I found someone with who divided his life and I am myself. I am grateful to have such luck. I feel safe when we’re together. It helps me to overcome challenges and remain strong. In addition, kitchen and makes a great stew ” , she warns, citing the qualities of the elect, whom he affectionately calls “Baby.” “She learned to speak Portuguese with ease, was far too fast” , laughs Hermann. Passionate about Brazil, as she puts it in good Portuguese, Candice has lost count on how many times he was here. “I come three times a year and I feel at home. Recycle the mind, the soul, relax the truth. After one season, come back refreshed ” , guarantees the top, which brightens the 33rd edition of Fashion Week.

How is the relationship with the country?
It’s my second home, or even the first … I can not say. I left South Africa for 15 years. I met my boyfriend at 17 and started coming here ever since. I spent a good part of my life in Brazil, grew up here … It was love at first sight.

What else like it here?
I feel a different energy. I live in New York and there things revolve around who you are, what they do and how much money you have. Here I see the concern about family and how to enjoy life to the full. And I love the food. I’m obsessed with crab!

How does the routine?
Live in the ‘road’, but I learned to deal with it. I have the support of my boyfriend and with him I feel normal again, saves the world, I recover.

Do you miss the normal life?
Sometimes, yes. But is the life I chose, I’m used to. I miss the family but I have my family in Brazil.

At 23 you are already a success. How do you feel?
Is why I work. If you feel that things are not so good, I recall the achievements and courage. While happy and be challenged, I’ll be satisfied.

How are you on a daily basis?
Quiet. I do normal things for which I have no time to go shopping, see friends … But do not get out much. I’d rather stay home, enjoy my dog, Luna, take a wine, make dinner. It is my luxury.

Why not be among the most beautiful models in the world?
It is an honor. When I say that I think of myself when I dreamed of being a mulherão. If I could say something to that girl would be: ‘Calm down, you’ll be fine in a few years, now enjoy.’ (Laughs)

How is your relationship with the Brazilian tops?
Great. We have busy lives, it is difficult to find away from work, but we always see … They laugh at me because I do is only talking about Brazil!


Gallery Update: Photoshoots

I just uploaded and added all of Candice’s photoshoots to date, including this one shot by Terry Richardson for GQ (UK) May 2012.

Gallery » Photoshoots

Colcci Magazine – Winter 2012 & Interview

In an exclusive chat, Candice Swanepoel account for Colcci MAG her beauty secrets on the early career and because he likes both the jeans Colcci.

Who is Candice? Tell us a little about your story!
Even though I am a person very well staffed and working hard, I am a realist and always remember what’s really important to me in life. I grew up in South Africa, far from any city or urbanization! My education was surrounded by nature, animals and love my family! My love of nature began in our fozenda quickly and in my life in New York. And the desired turo jo; be in a beautiful forest or a beach. And where I feel happiest outdoors.

Growing up in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa? what are some of your favorite memories of childhood?
I grew up on a farm, so every day was an adventure. I loved to watch and participate in the daily routine. I was always very curious. Shearing sheep, milking cows and swim in the lakes was part of my daily life. I used to accompany my father, my brother and cousins of the farm, doing my best to be like them. We built forts in, we took aprontavamos crab and all sorts of mischief. It seemed that this was the life I always dreamed of.

As was the beginning of her modeling career? was difficult?
It is difficult for anyone leaving home, leaving family and friends to go after a dream. It has been difficult at times, but nothing comes easy … if vole I believe we must work and suffer a little to make it worthwhile. I found it very hard being away from my farm and my family for so long. Being a model and a very lonely life I think it is also hard to be judged all the time. All we have to work our way at any branch. I had many jobs over the years, but always keeping it in my mood up and fighting for better jobs. And good to know what and have to fight, because this way we give more value to the good times.

Do you still feel that “cold stomach” when it on the catwalk?
Yes, in fact still do, but instead of that chill me to do evil, fear, nervousness, he now fills me with energy and enthusiasm to always do better.

What do you think of Collection “luxury”?
For many years have gone to Brazil and me forever and a difficulty shopping because I want it all! Definitely have to stop comparing bikinis. I really believe that in the coming years Brazil will be a great power in fashion. Do you see the woman’s body in a manner respectful of the rest of the world, and that’s incredible! And why Colcci knows how to make jeans sexy. They fit perfectly in the right places. I loved the gold trim in jeans, but most of all, I loved how they dress cool.

And what your style? What can not miss in your wardrobe?
My style changes all the time – a little hippie chic, rock, inspired by 50 years … Use a portion of dresses, jeans and shorts pieces unique / exclusive that I find in the islands around the world. I try to keep an elegance in almost everything we use. I especially like the simple and comfortable clothes! Havaianas and bikini are the first things I put in the suitcase when I travel.