Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013


It’s that time of year. Victoria’s Secret has finally released a handful of shots from the Swim 2013 campaign including the first cover for the season with our girl, Candice Swanepoel front and center. We’re so happy for for her.

Note: As you’re looking through the gallery you’ll know notice a huge decrease in photos. Last night Angel & I started reorganizing the VS images. Angel is splitting them up by YEAR and then by LINGERIE, CLOTHING, SWIM, ECT. We’re doing this for a couple reasons A) We both feel like navigating that section of the gallery will be easier for you. There won’t be so many pages to look though to find images you want. And B) Loading them into the gallery had become a huge pain. There were just too many photos that needed to load before we could add them and our computers were freezing up. All images will be restored within the next couple weeks so please hang tight! Trust me the wait will be worth it.

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