Candice’s 25th Birthday Project

Brunch With The Vicoria's Secret Angels

This year we’re teaming up with our favorite sister site, Goddess Candice to do something so unbelievably amazing for our angel, Candi. Unfortunately that exact something we can’t reveal just yet. I know right? We promise you guys, there will be an official announcement in mid-October as we inch closer to Candice’s Birthday. Just trust us when we say this is the birthday project you’ll want to be part of.

So what do we need from you guys to make it possible?

  • A sweet birthday message from you to Candice – This can be as long as you want, we just ask that you write more than ‘Happy Birthday Candice!’ Make it personal, tell her how much you love her, how she inspires you, ect.
  • Your name – You can do only first name or first & last. It doesn’t matter.
  • Your favorite photo of Candice – Please only submit 1-2 max!
  • Optional: Your Locations – City/State/Country… Whatever you feel comfortable with sharing.
  • Optional: A gorgeous/handsome photo of you.
  • Optional: Your twitter & instagram names.
  • Optional: Fan Art!!
  • Our goal is to reach at least 50 birthday messages to make this project worth it. So please share this link with your friends & family who love Candice as much as you do.

    Our deadline is set at September 20th (1 Month from Today). We understand that people have lives to live and can be forgetful so we will be accepting late messages up until September 25th.

    To submit your birthday message for Candice please head over to the official birthday page and fill out the form!