Candice Swanepoel Confesses Her Body is a Miracle

In passing through Salvador, Candice attacks a acarajé and confesses that her body is “a miracle”

What is that Bahian have? Candice Swanepoel, direct Salvador, responds: acarajé complete with vatapd and shrimp (but no pepper). In town for a fashion-related project, the South African supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel asked to eat the dish, which was accompanied by a coconut water (all before lunch, that is).

“I know many places around the world, but Bahia is my favorite,” she said, in good portuguese, who learned under the influence of Brazilian boyfriend, before praising acarajé of Bahia Cira in Itapuã. “I really like Bahian food, it’s a miracle that I have this body,” finished the top.

source: / translated via google